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Thank You Hissy

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I have been a part of TCS for a few months now and I want to thank you for all your advice. We come to the boards all upset about different problems with our fur babies and you come with great advice and counsel. I appreciate you so much. Sometimes I'm reading through someone's problem and I'm thinking to myself, come on Hissy what's the solution. Then your there giving them your insight or a site to look up information. Thanks again!
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Isn't she wonderful with all of her information she provides for all of us??..I am soo amazed with her depth of knowledge!
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Hissy is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yes, she really is one of our best .

We love you Hissy .
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awww- I am blushing guys. But honestly, I have been doing this for so long, saving compromised litters, nursing cats back to health, dealing with having to make the worst decisions and dealing with a very real part of cat rescue, death. I made tons of mistakes in the very beginning, even causing deaths of a few kittens because of not knowing the right things to do for them. I started doing a lot of reading, and began a collection of cat books for my library. I bugged vets (a lot) even going on a few farm calls with a few of them so I could learn and observe. I took a few classes while in college and my best mentor, Denise, who works with wild animals took me on as her assistant a few years ago and introduced me to the joys of feeding baby skunks, bats, possums and other wildlife. I vowed that if I could help anyone struggling with issues of cat care I would. Thanks to my involvement with Anne, thecatsite and meowhoo.com my cat world has opened up on a broader base and I have a lot more experts to learn from. I learn from each and everyone of you as well when you post, and that also increases the learning field. My tip to you is never narrow your minds to the point where others views don't fit. You don't have to try every suggestion that is offered on this board, but don't shut your mind to new things or have yourself so ingrained in your problems that you don't accept the help that is offered here by everyone. Anne, Colby, Sandie and Laurie have been just a few of my best instructors on here. Just call me a willing student, and I have a whole crew of happy healthy cats because of it. But really, no one needs to be singled out. We all meet here because of our respect and love for cats, and hopefully for each other.

A few cat authors you should keep in mind are: Pam Johnson Bennet- Amy Shojai- Ellen Perry Berkeley (for feral cat fanciers)
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Hissy, now I understand a lot better how you know SO much!

I wanted to thank you as well, and I have more than one thing on my list to thank you for...
I read each and everyone of your posts, and I learn so much from you and everyone here.

You make me want to know more, always!

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MA, you know how I feel about all of this. There are four furrkids here, many adopted out, and an entire colony of ferals out here in Northern NJ that have primarily you to thank for their current status.

But it was the encouragement and advice of ALL the people in the Feral, Behavior and Health Forums at the time that got me and all the furrkids where we are....

lotsocats, Imagyne, Sandie and Anne have very busy lives and little time to spend in the Lounge, but their training, experience and thus expertise has been just as valuable to me.

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