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Swallowing alot

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Ok, i'm sure i've asked this before and i've asked the vet who seems like "oh hmm" never giving much thought...

My 14 year old cat was diagnosed with asthma a year ago and ever since they did the X-ray to see if she has asthma she has been licking her lips and swallowing (and making a gurgle/gulp sound) on occasion.

Does anyone know what this is and is it bad?
She is on 2 puffs of Flovent a day and has not had an "attack" in months.

I think i've been told it's a symptom of asthma but shouldn't it go away if she's been on Flovent for 2 months now? What is she swallowing?

Sometimes I think the doctors scratched her throat when doing the exploratory x-ray. Hmmm.

Thank you for reading!
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My 17 year old cat does that but its not from her asthma its from her crf.
Has your cat had a senior panel?
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Excessive swallowing can be a sign of nausea which can be a sign of CRF. A senior blood panel will show if that's the problem.
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I would think it`s nausea too. That`s how I know when one of mine is about to vom and grab something to catch it

Do you think it could be a side effect of her meds?
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It could be a side effect of the meds. I would still want to have a blood panel done to rule out other causes, especially CRF since it's easier to manage the earlier it's caught. The danger would be to assume it's nausea from the meds and not check for other causes until the cat goes into crisis. Also, if it is the meds then maybe an anti-nausea drug could be given or the meds changed.

I've never had a cat with asthma, but I have lost one to CRF. I can tell you it's much better to catch it as early as possible.

Bottom line is to talk to your vet about it.
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Thank you for all the responses.

Are there other symptoms of nausea to look out for as well?

When she does the swallowing it sounds like liquid is in there.

I've never heard of a senior panel, what does that test for?

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Oh, and are there other symptoms of CRF to look out for too?

Last time I was at the Vet and told about the mouth licking being a symptom of crf as I read online she said she'd never heard that.

I really hope the liquid sounding swallows are part of the asthma and not crf!
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Its a blood test for kidneys,thyroid,liver ect.
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Here is a good Crf site.
All my cats with kidney problems had the licking.
My Coco has asthma and has a inhaler for it.
She never has acted like your cat is from asthma and she has had it since she was young.
She started the mouth licking when she got crf.
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Good luck with the bloods - one of my bridge babes did this when her liver issues were causing her to feel nauseous.
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