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The Little Thief!

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I don't know which one did it but I suspect Rusty.

I left my plate of roasted chicken strips and rice on a TV Tray to get something from the kitchen. When I left, I had 1 1/2 strips. When I got back, my half strip was on the floor! And Rusty was looking mighty guilty!

Of course I gave it to them! LOL

It was my fault for leaving my plate unattended!
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My cats do that all the time! lol they wait for that one second and then pretend they had no idea how that chicken ended up on the floor, "I swear it just floated off the plate, i just figured why waste it!" <--Thats what mine would say if they could! I end up with cat heads in my drinks, I keep waiting for one to get their heads stuck!
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LOL too funny! I don't dare leave bacon strips unattended! I did that once answering the phone. In a flash a strip was off my plate and devoured. I swear she had that innocent look on her face that said "The dog did it!" The dog couldn't reach it
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That is funny! Maia is so not into people food, she's a weirdo! She prefers her dry food over anything!
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