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Is this normal post-anesthesia behavior??

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Hi all, Coco had her dentistry today; she only had 1 tooth extracted and the vet said she did great and there were no issues. I brought her home around 5 today and thus far she has been acting like she's high...she was very excited to be home and super affectionate and incredibly interested in eating (wet food only). Her pupils are really dilated, even in bright rooms, which has me kind of concerned. She hasn't laid down or napped, she's just been sitting in various places not doing much of anything except staring into space.

She has oral Buprenex for pain, as instructed I gave her .5ml tonight and was given enough for 3 or 4 more doses. Her antibiotic is "ClinDrops" (equivalent to 25 mg/ml Clindamycin says the box), also oral, and I gave her that dose after dinner tonight.

Is this normal post-anesthesia/dentistry behavior?? I'm concerned that she doesn't seem to be able to relax/sleep, could that be a side effect of the medication? Should I call the vet in the morning if she hasn't chilled out?
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Its normal.
Sasha was lapo spayed last monday and her pupils were the same way.
She also had the same pain medd as your cat.
Meeko was the same way from her surgery in Jan.
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I've never had any behave that way to anesthesia - though they did all have dilated pupils.

You describing her as acting "high" is probably right on. It seems Buprenex is 30 times stronger than morphine! No wonder she wants to eat.
Just keep an eye on her and call the vet if you have any worries at all.
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Thanks for the replies! The pupils were what I was most concerned with but I'm glad to know that it's normal. I guess she's just enjoying her "trip" for now
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Sasha never acted high.
She just had the huge pupils.
My other cats years ago acted like your cat is.
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My Nabu has problems with anesthesia. Last time he came home, acted (fairly) normal that night. But the next morning he was practically a zombie, staring off into space, etc. He was not acting the way he should have the morning after. We got him right back in for a checkup to make sure everything would be ok. They had even tried a different type of anesthesia because of his history.

I think that if you are concerned, a call to the vet wouldn't hurt.
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When my cat Rebby had teeth pulled he was like that he wouldn't lie down or sleep for the longest time. The vet told us that the pain meds he was given were probably too strong (I don't remember what it was)and to not give them to him and see what happens. After we stopped giving him them he was fine.
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I narrowed down the culprit to the pain meds; late last night she went to sleep and this morning she was totally normal. I gave her half a dose of Buprenex before breakfast and after she ate she had the "high" thing going on again. She just devoured her dinner with no problem (I think she set a new record for most eaten in one sitting ) and she seems fine so I think we'll hold off on the evening dose and see how she does then. Too bad for her that she still has to deal with the yucky antibiotic

Thanks everyone!
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