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Life before Jordan...

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Now I love all my kitties. They are all special in their own way, and I can't help buy smile when I think of each one of them. Jordan well he's the cat I never thought I wanted. He's almost 6 now and has made it through some difficult health issues. When I hear about someone loosing a cat (especially a young one), I just want to fall to my knees and thank the Lord for each and ever day with him. You see Jordan is that crazy wild cat that used to make me crazy. I can't tell you how many times I threatened to take him back to the shelter (Not that I ever really would have). Before Jordan I never thought I would have cats that eat, sleep, clean themeselves, basicly do whatever they want on the table, on the counter, on the top of the fridge. Never in a million years would I have had a cat bed on top of my refrigorator to make sure the sleeping cat was comfortable. Had you told me six years ago I was going to adopt a cat that was naughty, would keep me up at night, and do everything I tell him not to, I would have told you that you were nuts. My cat of 16+ years Smokey, was such a good sweet girl. Now she would tell you what she thought of your rules, but she would follow them anyway. Jordan well not only does he not follow my rules, he makes sure I follow his rules. Before I faced loosing him I would get upset, now I just laugh and say, well that is the life I lead because I live in his house. I don't know why I'm feeling so sentimental about him today, but he has changed the way I think about life and cats. Before him I would never have wanted a naughty cat. Now they are my favorite. I can't help but be attracted to the cats at the shelter that have that same spark of the devil in their eye.
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They do have a way of embedding themselves into our hearts don't they?
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I specifically picked out Sterling because he had that spark of deviltry in him. The shelter workers warned me that he was a pill; even though he was technically an "adult," they said they always let him out with the kittens to play because he loved it so much.

And he IS a pill. If there's a wrestling match going on, you can bet he's involved. He's the one who goes where he shouldn't. You can't pick him up if he doesn't want you to. He knocks stuff off every level surface.

But he's Dottie's lover boy, always cuddling up with her at night and helping her get to sleep.
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I just had to share this. Before Jordan the vets office didn't know me as soon as they heard my name. I called since all 4 are having tummy problems. I told the person who answered the phone my last name & she said, "Your the one with Jordan right?" Yep that's me. He's got a reputation at the vets office. He's naughty and then since he's had so many problems he's been there a lot.
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Gotta love that spirit Even my mom has come around about my "monsters" (Joey & JC stay with them when we are out of town). JC will be naughty on purpose with her, and then when she scolds him, he just strikes a cute pose & melts her heart. My mom brags to my aunts now about how smart my kitties are
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That is so sweet, like Jana said they get us right in the heart

Jordan is famous at the Vet
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