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I recently cleaned a spare bedroom (wiped down walls with disinfectant, vacuumed, etc...) to make a room for one of my cats - when I put him in there he started rolling all over the floor and dragging himself across the room. I put another cat in there and it did the same thing. Is that a normal thing?
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Yup I think they like cleaning products - things with bleach in! Mine love to roll in their freshly cleaned litter trays.

Maybe just make sure it's dry before you put them in?! So they don't get any on their fur.

Hopefully someone comes along with better advice
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My cat STILL does that she lived here for her whole life. I dont get it.
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They're trying to spread their scent over everything, to say to any other cats that come around, I WAS HERE FIRST--IS MINE!
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Lol ok. He used to just spray everything he wanted to claim as his own, so this is a big improvement!
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