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More books

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The books I ordered over the weekend arrived and I ordered four new books a few minutes ago:

Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War for Independence by John E. Ferling

Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Drillmaster of Valley Forge: The Baron de Steuben and the Making of the American Army by Paul Douglas Lockhart

River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey by Candice Millard.

Has anyone read any of these?
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I read Common Sense in high school, and a book on von Steuben (not the same one, obviously) back in college. Do you know of a good biography of Teddy Roosevelt that deals with his time in New York and Washington?
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No, I don't. I have a good friend at work who might know of one, I'll ask him tonight. If you find a good bio on Teddy Roosevelt that deals with his time in New York and Washington will you let me know? This is the first book that I'll have on Teddy Roosevelt, I'd love to add a good biography or two.
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I haven't read it, but a history buff I know tells me that River of Doubt is a great read. (In fact, you just reminded me that I've been wanting to check it out myself.) Theodore Roosevelt was really an incredible person - what a rich life he led.
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I'm excited about reading the Teddy Roosevelt book.

Out of the books I got prior to this order I'm halfway finished with Roman Warfare. All of the books from that order are short- between 200-300 pages. I need to get back to reading The Road to Disunion I & II and the second and third volumes of Shelby Foote's massive trilogy about the American Civil War.
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you have such a wide range of tastes, from roman warfare to american civil war!! I know you said you are a history major, that must be why What is so interesting to me about Teddy Roosevelt is his obsession with war..It's kinda scary!
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