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What is WRONG with people?

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Thank God these little sweethearts were rescued in time!

Cats Burned:
The three cats have a chance to survive a shocking case of animal cruelty.

They appeared to have been intentionally burned. The woman caring for the animals said they smelled of gasoline when they returned to the trailer on Two Run in Clay where she'd been tending a herd of stray cats.

Unable to care for their injuries herself, after several days ,Kim Moore went to the Clay County Humane Association president who got them to the Elk Valley vets. The Two Run area has no shortage of cats running free.

One of Moore's cats had it's eye shot out before the incident when animals were burned.

State Police are probing the crime, but have no leads.

Moore suspects it's someone in her neighborhood.

The local bank has set up a donation fund if anyone would like to help:





....First Kenny Glenn and now these creeps. What is WRONG with people?! Is it something in the water?? Ugh...
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REALLY?? what is wrong with people!?!?!?! I have a neighbor who has several dogs and cats never gets them fixed or takes them to a vet even, so one by one I was taking and getting them fixed!There are so many feral cats and dogs here it is horrible!I have found several homes and had as many altered!People were putting out rat poison and shooting at these animals to keep them off of thier property.Thanksfully they are ALL now altered and the problem has diminished some (I found alot of the younger and more sociable ones homes) but really what is wrong with people?!?!?!?What kind of sick person can purposly harm an innocent animal???it is so sick!I hope they find the person/people responsible and give them more than a slap on the wrist.
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I would pour gasoline down the backs of the disgusting creeps that did this, and then light it and see how they like having third-degree burns on 50% of their body.

I knew a guy once (who thank goodness DIDNT own any pets) who said animals didn't have souls. I wanted to punch his lights out.
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I want to teach people a lesson out there:

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Unfortunately, many of those people consider cats a nuisance animal like cockroaches & rats (altho I've kept rats as pets ). To me it seems to happen in areas where women aren't respected all that much, either
Bless that lady for caring for those cats - how terrifying to live among such monsters!!!
I know that some areas in WVA have "cat shooting day", or at least they did several years ago. There was a lot of media coverage & animal rights activists converged on the area. I remember in one TV blurb, a woman saying that she prayed that God would strike down those who would shoot helpless pets. Very soon thereafter, a freak lightning bolt caused a mine fire & lives were lost. I wonder if there was a connection
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Sending healing prayers and vibes that those poor kitties heal quickly and are found suitable homes. May Ms. Moore be doubly blessed for her good deeds
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I've lived here practically my whole life and have never heard of a cat shooting day. It's probably in the more rural southern part where the coalfields are. Good thing I didn't hear about it on the news or anything or else I'd have a shoot-the-cat-shooter day

I sent in a donation yesterday to help with the vet bills for the burned kitties. It isn't a whole lot but every little bit counts!
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Wow that is awful! How can someone do that and live with themselves??? I remember someone saying something about a cat shooting day, how somewhere they were trying to pass a law for it? God if they did.....Oh you dont want to know what I would do!!!

Poor kitties sending healing vibes And I hope they get loving homes where they will never feel fear again!

And Godbless that lady for caring for those animals!
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It would seem that some people just lack a "soul". I will never be able to understand how such cruelty can exist at all
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That is just disgusting... I don't consider these people human beings - they are monsters!
Poor kitties!!!
I tell you, that woman said the right thing - she hasn't slept for 10 days, because if people around her are capable of doing these horrible things, imagine what they could do with children!
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