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How do you display your love of cats (to others)?

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I get comments all the time from strangers about a gold cat pendant I wear so it got me thinking about this.

I wear my cat pendant 24/7, occasionally wear a pair of costume 'paws' earrings, I keep pictures of my cats displayed on my desk where a lot of my business associates see them and my favorite sweatshirt that I wear frequently has a cat on it.

So – do people who meet you know you love cats right up front? How do you display your passion/obsession for them? Jewelry, clothing, décor, tatoos?

Just curious!
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I don't really display my love, other than pictures on my phone and board at work. But those that know me know exactly where I stand. In fact I get a lot of criticism because of my love and devotion to my pets. I get told I love them more than the people in my life, which just plain isn't true.
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I get a lot of that too. The people who know me know more than they want to know about my cats and say they are overspoiled, etc.

I don’t go out of my way to display things outwardly. My jewelry and sweat shirt were gifts, and its just normal to keep pictures of my kitties at my desk since I miss them during the day!
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Well, I know how I display it to my boss; by perusing 'The Cat Site' far too often, when I should be working.
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My cats' pictures are on my hutch in the office, Cindy is my computer wallpaper. That's about the extent in the office, but it is sufficient to generate "cat conversation" frequently. Outside the office, I have several cat T-shirts, a TCS sweatshirt, and the messenger bags I use to tote my stuff to and from the office and my music to and from choir both have "I'd rather be at The Cat Site" on them. It's pretty hard to be ignorant of my infatuation with all things feline.
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Well, I have cats on my bag, a sweater I wear all the time. Fur is usually on my clothes lol!

I wear my dog that died's I.D tag 24/7 and I get a lot of comments about it.

And I have a dachshund, so people can pretty much figure out I love dachshunds.
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I have cat ornaments in the house and cats stuff everywhere. I now have a hoodie with kitty ears and paw mittens which I got for Christmas and I have a Cats Protection shopping bag.
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I wear Maggie all over me when I go out. Her long white fur tends to always be somewhere on my clothes lol No matter how clean or brushed off my clothes are, there she is. It's like a big sign that says " I have a long haired cat!" I also have kitty earings I wear a lot.
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decor [both home & school], jewelry [earrings] & a tattoo. most people know!
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I wear a little cat necklace! and I have cats displayed on my windowstill
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Besides the cat earrings, cat pendants, pins and bracelets, and a handbag, I have lots of tshirts with cat motifs. At home, I have ceramic and glass cat figurinesand crosstitched portraits.
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I have an 8 x 10 photo of each of the five cats hanging on the wall in my work office and Allen is my computer's wallpaper. I have more cat photos than people photos in my IPOD, cell, and PDA and about 25,000 photos of cats in my home computer.

Oh, and I talk about them non-stop.
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I have Bug and Pooh fur all over me!! Even if the cat never touches the clothes (which is not very often!!) I still will have fur!! I have a hard timefiguring out if it is cat hair, doghair or horse hair?? lol Usually people wont know my love for cats until we talk about cats and i get excited about my babies! lol then they think i am crazy!! I wear a horse necklace so most people can assume I ride horses.
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I have a couple of purses with cats on them, one is Emily Strange, the other is a Disney Aristocats purse. My wallet, also Emily, says "I Bad Kitties." I have 2 winter hats with kitties on them, and 1 shirt. I love the Emily the Strange stuff because they use black cats. Aside from that I have My cats' pictures and a couple figurines at home. And my floors are covered in cat toys, so anyone who comes over knows we have cats.
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Nearly every cat I've ever owned is a black cat, so don't come over if you're wearing anything white

In my hallway, I've got a painting that says "Chat Noir --something else in French" and has a pretty agitated looking black cat on it. Other than that, not much cat stuff, surprisingly!

I almost always have one or both of them on my lap or nearby. When I go to other people's houses, if they have cats (even if they're not lap cats), they jump right up! Animal magnetism?
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