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Caption This is Making a Come-back!!!!

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Due to the thread that was started in Fur Pics, we realized that folks miss the Caption This contests, so we're bringing them back!!

If you would like to submit a photo for captioning, please send it to Anne at With your username. Rights to the photographs are granted to for use in future TCS projects made available for purchase to other members and the public.

It will take about a month to get everything up and running, so keep your eyes peeled!!

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WOOHOO!! I always LOVED that. BTW, My caption actually won back in 2004 or 2005, and I never did receive my prize. LOL, not that I care now! But this was always so much fun!! I'm so glad you're bringing it back!!!!
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Time to send in those funny pictures, folks! I know you have them - we see them here all the time.

Please email them, along with your username to

With any luck, you'll be able to see your captioned picture in our shop at some point too!
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I finally remembered to send in a picture.
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I've sent mine in

I've missed caption this
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I've missed CAption This, too. It was a lot of fun. I need to go through my collection and see what I have -- or maybe even see what the monsters will let me capture fresh... Well, the weekend is upon us.
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So when will it start up again???
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know no one can find my old stuff_but i remember this!!! I loved it!!! So glad it's coming back!!!
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The first picture is up and ready for your captions in the Caption This forum!!!

(you get to it from Fur Pics )

ETA: Please Stand By, we are having some technical difficulties, you can't reply to the thread , but in the meantime, think of some great captions!

ETA (again!): all fixed! Caption away!
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Oh wow....I haven't played "Caption This" in ages. I love it. I've gotta go check and see what's in there.
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