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persian neurological damage

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Please help me. My cat is at the vet and I called to check on him he said that there was possible neurological damage and maybe fiv. Does this mean I have to put my baby to sleep>
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The answer lies with your vet. You have two forms of this disease either wet or dry. Depending on how advanced the disease is, will depend on the outcome for it. I am sorry to be so blunt, but knowing the right questions to ask your vet might be helpful for you to getting the answers. There is no known cure yet, but the disease does go in stages and it as I said, it will determine how advanced the stages are. The fact that there is neurological damage as well just makes the decision all that more painful to be reached. The hardest part about this situation is knowing when to do the right thing without causing more suffering to the animal. Again, let your vet guide you, lean on his expertise and knowledge and also talk to your cat and let the cat know what is going on and how you feel. Believe it or not, it helps not only you but the cat too.
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Thank you hissy, I am still waiting on a call from the vet. I cant believe this Mr. Jinxs is only 7 months old. That leads me to the next question, Should I contact the breeder?
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If this is a breed kitten and FIV is positive YES! But don't make the call until you know for sure. Have the vet clinic papers photocopied and tell the breeder you will send them to her. If she has FIV in her cattery she will need to know PRONTO! But again, wait for the final diagnosis, (sometimes this is a mis-diagnosis) so be sure before you make that call. I am so sorry for your trouble.
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Second question am I entitled to a refund, from the breeder?
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That you would have to ask a breeder in the breeder's forum. I really don't know? Ethically I would think so, but it depends (I think) on the contract if there was one, and if you signed it and what it says.
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Thanks I will post on breeders page. I dont know what to do I hope that my baby doesnt die, but it dont look so good> I have cried all morning. There was no contract though.
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That is very sad. i hope your baby will be allright. i have never heard of such an illness. let us know how he/she is. (((hugs)))
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Oh gosh, I am so sorry.

Please keep us updated.
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I just went to the Breeders Forum and read what they told you. I have to concur a second opinion especially in the case of FIV is definitely warranted. I would do this, I would take your phone book and I would call every vet listed and ask them one question- "Do you declaw?" The office that either tries to talk you out of declawing or flat says they won't do it, I would make an appointment with them pronto and take your kitten in. FIV is sometimes misdiagnosed, as it mimics other diseases, and you want a vet that understands cats, if they don't declaw, it is evident they do understand. Good luck!
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Hmm, the original poster actually said "FIV" not "FIP". Quite different, and probably different outcomes. I hope the kitty will be all right.
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The diagnosis was FIP. Before he got the results back, he thought it might be FIV. but it was FIP with neurological damage. I
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Ken Imagyne gave you the best advice, he just forgot some links for you to look at: Here is a really good comprehensive website.

Heath Links

You have to scroll down to get to the section you need. I am sorry for your situation, it is never an easy path to walk.
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