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RIP Snuggles

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I'm writing this for a friend of mine who's white Persian, Snuggles, went to the Bridge last night. Snuggles was approximately 20 years old, and spent her years here on Earth with a loving family which included many other cats and dogs.

Snuggles will be missed and remembered as a beautiful, sweet girl.

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for your friends. Please, tell them that there are other people who understand how devastating it is to lose a pet.

Snuggles was well cared for and obviously well loved for her to make to 20.

RIP Snuggles
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Your friend is so lucky to have had Snuggles all those years, and i hope mine are with me for that long


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Bless her heart, what a long and happy life she must have had. Rest peacefully and play happily at the Bridge dear Snuggles.
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I'm so sorry for your friends loss. She must have had alot of love in those 20 years. Rest in Peace Snuggles.
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Condolences to your friend on losing Snuggles. She had a good long run, but that's a long time to get memories and for your friend, this will be the loss of a long-term relationship My sis had lost her Persian at 21yo and it was so weird to visit on the holidays and not have Rebekah there - my girls had grown up knowing that cat most of their lives.
Play happily like a kitten again, Snuggles - you were a valued family member and have earned a wonderful reward over RB
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RIP Snuggles
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20 years old! Wow, what a lucky cat to be with the same family for so long

Rest In Peace Snuggles
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