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Daily Thread TGIF Feb 20th!

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Morning cat friends!

Well.....I had a pretty good day yesterday. My annual performance review happened...and even though I have only worked there since September, I still got a little raise and the profit sharing bonus! I couldn't believe it! Next year it will be a real amount of a raise since I will have been there a year and I will get around $2300 for my bonus next year too.

Anyway, that was a nice surprise for me

Not sure what is going to happen tonight..Josh might do some delivering for his church..so I might be sitting around. Excited to sleep in tomorrow though! Oh, and my girlfriends might come over this weekend to see my wedding dress!
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We're back to cold weather here. -5 C for the low and only 4 C for the high. It's beautiful despite the cold. The sky was crystal clear and there was a sliver of moon as the sun started to peek over over the horizon.

I had a bit of a stomach bug yesterday, so I called in sick. I'm back early today to try to make up some of the hours. I'll probably stay fairly late as well and then go to the gym after work. Tonight, I'll probably stay in and watch a little TV or maybe just surf TCS. I also have some frozen shrimp in the freezer that need to be eaten, so I'll probably enlist my neighbor Susan to come down and help me with the task.
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Good morning! I'm very happy this morning because I took the day off work. I'm going to hang out with my furbaby and do a little shopping later.

Congrats Trouts mom!
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Its a bit cold here too-3F/-16C. Snow late tonite and tomorrow morning-a couple of inches though. Hope not too bad as we might have to take the truck to the wedding and space will be tight as we are spending the night at the hotel where the reception is!

I tried to clothes shop yesterday-a different top to go with my skirt and would you believe after looking through seven stores I didn't find anything??? Ok a dress but when would I wear that again?? So its back to plan B unless I feel like venturing out later.

At the dentist yesterday I had a cracked filling which was replaced yesterday (no novacaine as usual). My gums were a bit sore but better today!

So nothing on the agenda for today-doing some laundry now.

Have a good Friday!
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Morning All!!!!

Very cold and windy here today so I don't think I will be venturing to far from home.

Have some laundry to do and the bathroom needs a good cleaning so guess I will work on that.

Making spaghetti with homemade meat sauce for dinner. I had some tomatoes that need to be used up so I will get that started later today.

I am still having a few allergy issues mainly watery itchy eyes but haven't figured out what is causing it yet so that's kind of a pain.

The kitties are napping in the laundry basket, I sat it on the bed until I got ready to do laundry and when I look a little while ago all three were piled in it snoozing...Silly kitties.

Everyone have a great day.
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