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Where is the light at the end of this tunnel I am tortured through!

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So many of you know I live in NYC, some also know I live above a bar that often plays loud, annoying music. Some may also remember my rants about a new building going up right next door to mine, as in inches! Well the construction crew has decided to use my back rooftop (use to be my garden rooftop) as a dumpster!
Tonight I had a major breaking point! A new neighbor moved in on the third floor above me (I'm on the first). A couple weeks ago I heard someone throwing buckets of steaming water out onto the rooftop and all over my windows..................figured they weren't thinking so I wrote a note and posted in the mail room...................Please don't throw garbage or water out on to roof top, etc.....
Past couple of days I have heard loud coughing outside, almost as if on the back area, wasn't sure where it was coming from. Last night I heard the same and something dropping down out back. Tonight I heard something splashing down on the roof top outside my window, and then coughing. I open the backdoor and the back gate, stick my head out, and the a-hole on the third floor is puking large chunks out his window, all over the fire escape, my windows, and my rooftop! I went ballistic! I starting yelling at him to stop puking all over my windows and roof yard, and if he did it again I was calling the police!
What the **** is he thinking!? How can people be so rude!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow, I had no idea! It's no wonder you're up so late! Yes, some people can be 'me' people. They don't think about anyone else. I lived in an apartment once...once! I'm glad I don't anymore. I feel for ya! Hey, maybe we can post a thread called SOME PEOPLE and list all the things that irk us? lol Of course I'm just kidding! I'd be pulling my hair out if it was me living there! Normally I'd say use earplugs but,to me, the other stuff would be much more annoying!! I think I'd call the police. Do you have a landlord? I really am sorry!
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Hmm, I must be really tired..I missed the puking part. Geez, you're right what a jerk! Please don't start trouble personally with a drunk guy though, he might get crazy! Yep, call the police.
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The landlord, hes another story! I'm trying so hard to keep my cool! I really need to get to bed now that I have calmed down, I'm going to be woken up by the construction guys, who are now on my back roof, at 7 am! ARGHHHHHH!
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People are so inconsiderate and selfish! I feel your pain.

I lived in many apartments that had loud, rude neighbors. A year and a half ago I finally bought a condo and thought it would be different because I thought that people that owned the place they lived in would be more considerate...NOT! My neighbors slam and bang everything very loud, constantly, like they don't share walls with other people. No consideration what-so-ever....even at 5am when they let their dog out and he barks, they yell at him and then they slam the door. At least my neighbors go to bed early and it's quiet at night...except for the occassional passing car with the booming stereo.

I hope you were able to get some sleep.
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omg. Don't get me started on rude neighbors. I totally sympathize with you. But you're letting them know from the get-go that you won't put up with it, which is good.

That's awful that the construction guys are using your roof for debris!! And the landlord is letting them do this?! Man....I would be so p.o.'d.
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Good lord. I don't know how you stand it! NYC is a fabulous place and it must be thrilling to live there -- but for me, this sort of thing would cancel out every last bit of its allure.

Can you install an awning to cover your rooftop? And make the landlord pay for it, since he apparently won't stop renting to crude and obnoxious idiots?
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When is your lease up? Is it possible for you to move when it's up?
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Thanks for all the , that's why I love you all! My landlord is a butt head, we haven't had a door buzzer for 2 years! My rent is stabilized and finding affordable rent in the city is a nightmare! I would totally move out of the city, I'm a country girl at heart, it just hasn't worked out for me employment wise yet to do so......but it is a goal of mine!
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