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I'm Stressing.

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I'm getting two pregnant cats spayed on Saturday. I haven't had any trouble catching the ones I want to catch so far, but these ones are actually scared of me. I'm not sure this is going to work out too well. I just really hope I can catch them, because they're huge. And it's their babies I end up feeding. I just got four spayed, I only had three more to go, then two female strays showed up. It's never ending! There's an organization that may fund me, but I didn't want to have to resort to that, while I could afford it myself, but if I have two more litters to feed AND get spayed and neutered, I guess I may have too.
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That's true, isn't it? Sometimes it feels so overwhelming. But if it means saving more lives, then get the help. Thanks for all that you have already done.

Every once in awhile, I want to cry - just because the need is so great. But then I come on this site and hear from people like you and realize - yeah, there's a great need and its being addressed, slowly and one cat at a time, by caring people.

that you catch everyone and if they have their kittens, that you find warm loving homes for them all.
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Sending mega trapping your way. I hope you can get them before you have babies.....
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Dont wait for trapping the last minute. Trap them when you can. It is OK if they wait in the trap or something... As ferals, they are used to hide a whole day if need be.

Good luck!
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I know it can seem overwhelming at times, especially when the cats keep coming. I'm in the same situation now at the site where I do TNR. Just stay focussed on helping the ones you can and remember you are making a huge difference in their lives. Also, don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it. If that organization will assist with funding the spay/neuters, go for it. That's what the funds are for and, chances are, they'll be happy to help. Sending lots of trapping vibes your way.
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