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Kitties available for adoption

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These are the kitties available these week at the shelter (Cedar Hill, TX). A good variety of lovely animals.

Shelter Cats 2/16/09
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Oh those poor babies in those cages...I hope people see the footage and adopt them. I love that 4th one!
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Ah, that is Tiki Kay. She is a lovebug; she loves to be scritched and petted.

She has extremely dense fur, too.
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She's adorable. So chunky! I love her name too!
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She and Reggie were almost a matched pair. Unfortunately, he's the one who nipped at a couple of people. I don't know what they've done with him, as I haven't been in since Monday, but he may be PTS or sent to barn rescue.

I'd have no fear at all of having him in my house.

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They are lovely. Reggie is such a cutie. I would take him and the two black babies in a heart beat. They ask for so little.
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oh.... if I lived in a bigger place.....
It breaks my heart...
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I the white guy.
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They are all so sweet and friendly, loving faces! Such a good idea to reach out like this. Has it been helping find good families for them?
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I'd like to know too! Does posting on Youtube help? I want to volunteer at my local shelter and am a web wizard. I might not be able to clean litter boxes (asthma) but by golly I can post stuff on the web!
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My husband said we can get another cat when we move to Texas, so I'll have to keep that shelter in mind. He actually said he wants to help pick this animal out, since all of our previous animals have been picked out by me.
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So I should keep a "guy" cat in mind for him? Someone brought in a fantastic light yellow tabby guy. They were getting evicted. He's just the friendliest guy, and calm, and clean.

Reggie is still in the back. They hope to get him taken in by barn rescue. If someone came in and asked for him, they could adopt him, but he's not out front. Tiki Kay is still there, and available. And as loving as ever. The fluffy little black one is still there. Henry is still there. The two big tabby guys are still there.

I think they've gotten calls from people who've seen them on youtube. I don't know if it's led to any adoptions.
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