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I have a problem. My cat appears to have dandruff. I noticed that when I pet her she has white sandy like material in her fur. She has medium fur length. Anybody have any advise?
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What is she fed? Often it can be a food issue, not enough fatty acids.
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It could be her diet, not brushing often enough or sometimes health conditions can cause a cat to get dandruff.
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Riley has gotten some dandruff over the last month or so. I think part of it is due to the dry winter air but I think I will add some fish back in his diet, maybe one or two out of 14 meals per week just so he will get more of the acids/oils.
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she's fed the Fancy Feast canned food
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Only that? If so, chances are that could be the problem. Changing (slowly) to a higher quality food can help.

A vet visit wouldn't hurt either as there could be some underlying health issues that should be ruled out.
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