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Cleo will be 8 months if I go to the cat show in April

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Is that to old to enter her as a kitten?
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If she will be 8 months or older on the day of the first show - she will be in the alter class - not the kitten class.

I have seen it were the cat is a kitten on Saturday and an adult on Sunday!
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It will be real close.
She was born Aug 6th and the cat show is April 4th-5th.
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If the show doesn't fall on the 6th - then yes she would still be a kitten - be very sure of the dates (birth and show).

Charlie went to one show as a kitten and 2 days after the show turned 8 months - so he was a kitten in the show
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Mons just turned 8 months on the 15th, but he still looks like he belongs in the kitten class! He's only 4.2 pounds. The vet doubts that he'll be more than 7 pounds as an adult (he could be much smaller).
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It's good when they just make the kitten grade because it makes them look just that much bigger then the rest. Go for it!
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Cleo is about 6.5 pounds now.
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Wellington, that may be true, but little 4 month old Jack beat out the 7 month old Silver Oci at the show 4 times!
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That's good - in our standards it says type must over ride size but some judges don't follow that way of thinking
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I hope Cleo does ok but I was told she may not do well.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I hope Cleo does ok but I was told she may not do well.
You can only try. You will never know until you've gone to a show with her (or 2 or 3)
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I was thinking of trying 2 or 3 shows.
She loves the cat bed now also.
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don't worry. I'm going through the same thoughts with Mons except he's a household pet. I'm not sure how he will size up against the competition. He's so small, he may get eaten by the competition in more ways than one.
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I think Cleos breeder should be at the show your going to.
The breeder that said she will help me will not be at the show I plan on putting Cleo in.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I hope Cleo does ok but I was told she may not do well.
were you also told why not?

Good luck!
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He did not really say why.
He did say you never know she could do ok.
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Phone or e-mail the show secretary to double check whether she should be in the kitten or adult class, if there is any doubt (adult class is 9 months here for some registries, 8 for others, which is why I can't say for sure and why you should ask them direct)

And no that is not too old to start showing, it's still a good young age when they are naturally outgoing and bold and not too set in their routine.

How do you feel about being told she might not do well? I was encouraged to show Sonic by his breeder because there are so few blue orientals in shows here and she would have quite like a blue cat from her cattery on the showbench - but then I had him from 13 weeks, watched him grow, and could see his (show) failings, and would have felt mortified putting him in a show and having a judge tell me his ear set wasn't great as if I couldn't see that for myself LOL.

I can't advise as to whether you should show - different registries work in different way, here in GCCF there are no points awarded ever, you either get BOB/Final and then are awarded a certificate by the judge which counts towards Ch/GCh, or that certificate is withheld - if you don't get it on your first run, you may as well give up at that point - but in some registries they are more forgiving and you can rack up points over a number of shows to get a title. I'd say it depends whether showing is something that you would enjoy as a hobby, if so, and if your cat enjoys it, then go for it. If not, it's not the end of the world
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I plan on going to a few shows with Cleo.
Her breeder is a Tica judge so he knows what he is talking about.
I do plan on getting a cat that i can show later on for sure.
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There are show cats and then, there are SHOW cats.

What your breeder probably meant is that she is show-able, and not of pet quality. But in a cat show it is always the TOP 10 cats that will final.

Let me put it this way - there are Champions, Grand Champions and then, there are the Best of the Best.

An easy example would be like this - look at my last litter...

All 3 cats are of show quality. At an early age both Tom and Tink proved to be the better of the 3 cats - as proven in shows. Spot had the problem with her Spot. As of right now, and I hope I am correct, Spot and Tom are Grand-able as Grand Champions (entires) but Tink has developed a slight jaw problem that has made me think that she is only showable as a Premiership cat and yes, she will Grand there too.

However, none of the 3 IMO are of Division Winner quality (ie. Top show like my Bulan or my Suria). A top show cat is one that finals at a minimum 6 out of 8 rings or in a 4 ring show, 4 out of 4 rings.

Be not dismayed - that is the nature of cat shows. As a breeder, I am frightfully honest with my new show homes. I will tell the new owners that the cat is Grand-able but it may take some time or I will tell them that the cat should be granded in no more than 3 shows.

If your breeder has said that she IS showable, then trust him on that. It means that the possibility of at least 1 final is there. But in the end, to me, even a Breed Win over a large breed class is pretty damned good!
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I will learn from her.
Do I just show one of the two days or both?
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I'd put her in both days - why not?
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