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lonely w/out my boy

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i'm lonely w/out my boy angus and have been looking to adopt a new cat. i went to an adoption day last saturday and met a boy, kenny dance, who seems to be content with just humans, and he'd be a good pick b/c i can only have one cat.

a friend is trying to find a home for a cat she took in last year. the cat does not do well with the other cats in the house and keeps herself quarantined in a bedroom upstairs. she reminded me a lot of angus...she sat on my chest and licked my wrist. my concern with her is that she's overweight. i'm wondering how challenging it is to change a cat's diet? angus ate innova and was given around four treats a day, sometimes more if i clipped his nails or groomed him or if he found a bug in the apartment or something. angus was a skinny boy and i was able to keep a bowl out for him that lasted two days. i know i'm not likely to find another angus and i will take the cat that chooses me, but any advice on diet would help.
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food changes for most cats are easy ... you just do it slowly.. ie get a bag of current food and feed it only for a few weeks then mix in small amount of new food for a few days then increase new food every few days till all on it ...
as far as nails , all 5 of mine are regularly trimmed and the hunter still get their prey
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I'll make a suggestion from my experience. I had my girl Bathsheba for a little over 18 years before I lost her (she adopted ME), and my vet told me to wait before getting another cat. But two months later, I adopted my boy Grigio from a shelter. I had read that it's best to choose a cat UNLIKE the one you've lost, so I deliberately chose a male shorthair (my girl was long haired).

So I'd adopt the girl if I were you. As the other poster has noted, managing her diet should be no problem, and it's possible that she's gained weight because she's not getting enough exercise. I think by feeding her carefully and playing with her frequently, you'll not only have a healthy cat but the two of you will bond well.

Good luck with your choice--a new cat is exciting--and you're right; it's not a replacement for the one you've lost, it's simply another animal to love.
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My Callie girl was overweight several years ago. It took more discipline on my part to help her lose weight than anything else. Changing her food was easy, but I had to do it slowly like Sharky suggested. You might find that if you adopt the little girl, she'll become more outgoing and cat-like, curious, playing, jumping, exercising herself, than she was in a multi-cat home. This will help her lose weight as well.
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When I lost my Casey in October, I purposely sought to adopt a cat who was unlike him because I worried about comparing him to another cat. I looked at three wonderful cats - all female - one was a kitten and the others were between 2-3 years old. I was having a difficult time deciding among them and their foster moms were all terrific ladies, so I knew I would not go wrong with any of my choices. Well, I was chosen out of the blue by a male tuxedo cat named Buddy. Sometimes these decisions are just taken out of your hands. Privately, I think Casey led me to him, although he is very unlike Casey personality-wise. Casey was very sweet, Buddy is still a youngster (he is under a year old) and quite feisty. He does not let anyone push him around, which makes sense for a cat who was looking for a forever home all his life. So he has his home now and seems to be settling down a bit. He watches the squirrels through the kitchen slider doors and talks to them all day. You will not find another Angus and probably should not try....but you will find another kitty who will be perfect for you and who you will learn to love for his/her own lovely attributes. It is hard, I know. But I believe we have lots of room in our hearts. I miss Casey every day....his photos are everywhere...but I am trying to enjoy Buddy for himself, which is all he asks. And I try to remind myself that Casey had his moments too....but all I remember is his sweet nature.

As for food, sometimes when a change is made in their everyday lives, cats will eat anything. We are still finding our way with feeding Buddy, who is very picky for a stray. If you mix her old food with her new, she probably will adjust gradually. Don't rush it. A gradual loss of weight is best anyway. Good luck!
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When I adopted Dante at about 4 years old, he was overweight, and he actually gained weight the first few weeks I had him (anxiety eating, I think - he couldn't believe the food wouldnt' go away if he didn't eat it all up all the time!). With the vet's help, we figured out measured portions of wet and dry that seemed to work to reduce him to a much healthier weight. And, I do try to make sure both cats play a bit every day with me, as well as whatever they do when I'm not home. Just take it slow - and the right cat will find you.
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