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Virus of Unknown Origin

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Hi everyone. I left a post a few days ago about antibiotics as my 7 month old kitten has been diagnosed with a Virus of Unknown origin. I just wanted to thank you all for your help and advice, but it seems that little Henry isn't going to pull through. His fever is impossible to get down, and he is getting weaker and weaker by the day. We have him on convalescence food by syringe which he begrudgingly take, but his back legs can barely keep him upright anymore. We had more blood tests taken this week, and the results show that he has high amylase levels, high glucose level (though could be contributed to the shock of having his blood taken) a very high total protein count and a very high globulin count. The vet says there is not a lot more we can do for him, apart from let him sleep and keep giving him his Clindamycin, but alas, it is having little effect. All tests for FIP, FIV and leukemia, came back negative so it's just a waiting game until he goes to kitty heaven. Thank you once again for all your help, you people really are angels. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to post. All the best, me and Henry xx
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I'm so sorry to hear about poor Henry. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is sit back and do nothing because of love. Just remember how much happiness you brought each other.
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I am so sorry! I know you've done everything you can for him but I know too well that sometimes that just isn't enough.

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