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Now i know from visiting with other peoples pets that a cat kneeding thier paws gently is a sign that they are comfortable with you and content. However one of my new boys is also nudging and suckleing(sp) So much so that if i let him he'll wet the entire right side of my shirt tail. Its not soaking, just damp. My question is, first is this normal? Second, should i encourge him to stop entirely, slowly ween him from it, or just let him go on doing it untill he stops naturally? I havent stoped him yet because i've been afraid to stress him thinking this is his way of dealing with being removed from his mother and its kinda cute in a wierd sorta way lol.
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I had a cat that used to do that, only it was mostly to a chenille bedspread, but as she got older she became less discriminate and suckled everywhere!

She lived to be 17 and never did stop; her littermates all did the same thing from what I heard.
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My trouble kitten Sox does this all the time. Mainly to one of my pillows and to my sheets. I heard from a vet that she likes the smell of these and it reminds her of her litter pin, like where she was born. He told me to try to make her stop because as she gets older it will be harder to break a habit. When she starts suckling try to entertain her by playing ball or some, get her to walk around so she forgets the smell, or the spot she is suckled to. May'be change your detergent? haha
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The jury is still out as to whether it is normal, but it is known that this suckling is a behavior the cat is unaware of and can't stop. I would get him a substitute object, like a small stuffed animal and let him have that. They do grow out of it, and the only time I stop it is when they are sucking on themselves or other kittens, then I spray the kitten that is being suckled with bitter apple.

I had a lady I knew who thought it was cute that her kitty sucked his tail so she let him. By the time Kimba (he was an exotic cat) grew up he had sucked all the hair and skin off his tail- and his owner still thought it was cute. Kimba had to go in and get his tail chopped off- thus destroying his worth. I forgot what breed he was- but he was one of those exotics you need a special license to raise (which she didn't have) He was also one nasty cat, just because she didn't know what she was doing and wanted just the status of raising an exotic animal.
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I am not sure what you mean by suckling, Sam licks and licks on knits, until they are wet. He adores my afghan on my bed, so much that I had grandma make him one of his own. Every night when I go to bed, he hops up and has a little snuggle, and then goes into a trance like state while he licks and licks at the wool. I think its cute.
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It's not a good thing to do, it might look cute but in the long run it's going to be a bad thing. All I did was wash my clothes differently(changing the smell) I think a cat when doing this is trying to tell us that the smell seems old(maybe smelly to her) When she does this I know it's time to wash the sheets.
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Hissy's comment is very interesting, that they are unaware they are doing it. I never thought about that with my cat that suckled, but looking back I remember that she would go into a very trancelike state, purring, kneading, drooling, eyes glazed over. But, she suckled anywhere after a while, and it was kind of embarrassing that she would do it to visitors as well as established suckling places. My biggest problem with it was that it was my white chenille bedspread that she loved to suckle on, and the suckle-patches quickly discolored, much to my disgust!

I was a teeny-bopper when we got this cat, and seem to recall my mother buying whatever detergent was on sale. This did not deter Felicia at all from suckling. She was a siamese-tabby, if breed info is helpful.

It seems like it would be a hard habit to break, since they are usually happy and content looking when they are doing it.

Good luck!
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I havent noticed Hobbes doing it to Calvin yet. Thanks for the input all, my main concern was how much it might stress him out if i encourged him to stop. Though i thought it cute i never really thought it would be good for him to continue to do it not just because it's mildly annoying but god only knows what type of chemicals he might be ingesting little by little from whatever my wife does to my shirts. I have the bitter apple spray and will use it on the area he likes the next time he tries it. Thanks again for all the input and advice
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