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Skin problem (Help please)

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Mizzy keeps pulling the hair out of back, just above the tail. We took her to the vets and they say it could be for a number reasons. To start with they throught it was her glands, which is now storted, they then thought it may be a flea allergy, but she has never had fleas and you can see no signs of them.

She was put on steriods and it has helped, (even through she eats like a horse when on them). I don't want to keep her on steriods, but don't know what to next, nor does the vets.

She is happy and well in her self, i don't know now whether the licking has become a bahaviour, and if so how do i get her out of it?.

Has anyone had a problem like this?, any adivce would be great, thank you.
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How is Mizzy's coat? Does Mizzy have dandruff? She may just have dry skin, and had a particularly dry, itchy spot.

What is Mizzy eating?
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the above ?? s and have her anal glands been checked??
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Her skin is quite good, may be a bit of dandruff. She has Royal Cannon Light dry food. We thought that her anal glands was the problem to start with, but that has all been sort now, and they have been clear for a couple months.

She goes through stages, sometimes she bites and licks it alot and sometimes she will leave it alone for a day or two. If it is because she has itchy skin, what can i do to help this problem?.
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Light foods are often light in fat ... this makes skin issues arise more as less fat = less fatty acids for a healthy dandruff free skin and coat ... How long on this food?? the other one could be allergies??? or need for humidity in the house ??

If it were me I would call the vet
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