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Breeze Pellets

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Hi All,

Does anyone know if the breeze pellets are biodegradable and safe for a septic system? We are flushing the poop but often the pellets get stuck to the poop.


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They don’t dissolve or breakdown at all, they are almost like rocks. I would stop flushing them immediately.
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Originally Posted by CruiserMaiden View Post
They don’t dissolve or breakdown at all, they are almost like rocks. I would stop flushing them immediately.
I haven't been flushing them I was just wondering, someone said they
are made of clay and will dissolve, I haven't tried putting them in water yet.
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I don’t know what they are made from but I think they are some form of ceramic. I haven’t found anything to break them up chemically. I would think one or two pellets wouldn’t do any harm, but I wouldn’t start flushing them long term.
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I have been specifically unable to get the ingredients list or other good specifications on what the pellets are. I have tried to wash them (they were smelly and went when I finished: I'm not going to try again) and another person posted that she steam-cleaned them and it worked great, so I'd say for certain that they don't dissolve.

I did find one review on that claims that eating the pellets killed a cat. There were also reviews that claimed that cats ate the pellets and them vomited them up, and eating clumping litter isn't healthy, so I'm not terribly worried. But I wish the ingredients and a better description of the pellets was on the pellet package. (All of these reviews are one-star reviews on the litter system package, so just view those, and you can read them to your heart's content).
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Agreed, I dont put breeze pellets down the toilet. I throw them out in the trash.
They do not biodegrade that I can see.

I read you are not suppose to flush cat Poo anyway, let alone the
litter with it.
"*The State of California encourages the disposal of cat feces in trash and discourages flushing cat feces in toilets or disposing of them in drains.
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Answers some questions.

Litter products are not required to list the ingredients on the packaging as they are non-food items.

The pellets are not biodegradable since they are made of Zeolite, a family of naturally occurring, non-toxic minerals

BREEZE Litter Pellets are composed of non–toxic material. If ingested, the pellets will normally pass through the digestive system with no ill effects. If pellets are ingested, we would recommend that you watch your pet closely and encourage that she drink as much water as possible over the next few hours to “flush†out her system
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