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wish me luck

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im going to apply for a full time vet asst at a really modern vet clinic, it says with benefits too, so im going to check it out today.
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Good Luck!!!
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Good luck!
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Oh wow! Dream job!! Good luck!!!!!!!!
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Good Luck!
I hope everythign goes well.
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Good Luck
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Thread Starter doesn't look too good. I filled out the application and the woman who took it was an old miserable lady. She looked it over and said what experience to you have? and i told her i didn't have much experience i started volunteering at the spca but its a field i always wanted to get into. She made a few like oh god faces, then asked if i was married or have kids, no and no. she looked at my references and they were my current supervisor, my prev supervisor, and my previous manager, the app didn't have a spot for phone numbers so she asked me if i had a ph for any of them, so i gave her my current sups ph. i just dont understand why some people have to give you that attitude like your so inferior to them. i was really depressed. My supervisor said that if they do call he will give me an amazing reference, so i guess we will just see if they end up calling.
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Aww dont pay any attention to that lady! She probably got up on the wrong side of the bed! lol I hope for the best for you and that you get the job! Sending good vibes your way
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...Don´t give up!...... let´s think positive!.....:..
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that you get a call!
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I hope you get the job! Try to think positive!
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