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The Daily Thread Thurs Feb 19th!

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Morning peeps

Well back to work today after a little break. Only two days of work and then the weekend though..I can handle that. Lets hope my clients aren't pissed off that I was gone for two days.

Picked up my wedding dress yesterday...and will be trying to be healthy and workout regularily. It has fallen off since moving here a little bit...Josh distracts me

So, anyway, off to the showers soooooooooon! Have a great day folks!
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I was so tired last night that I went to bed at 8 pm and woke up at 4 am feeling bright-eyed and couldn't go back to sleep!

I work today, but it's not on the ward. I am a union representative and we are having an "education day." I get the day off from my ward work, the hospital still pays me but the union will reimburse the hospital.

This is my first "education day" that I'm attending with the union, so I'm not exactly sure what it is really. I know we are having guest speakers (the labour representative in charge of negotiating our contracts, as well as some others). I know one of the major topics being covered is Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). I'm seriously interested in that given the fact that I was off work for so long on disability that wasn't indexed with inflation and as a result I ended up having to file for bankruptcy because everything around me went up in price while my income didn't.

The big thing is that I'm sure we as health care workers will have to pay more into the fund and I know that many are going to whine and complain about that, and if enough do, then no cost of living adjustment. However, most of those same people have never had to experience the fall out of having to live on a non-indexed income, so I'm going to make sure that I stand up there and tell them my story and why we absolutely need cost of living adjustments/increases, because you can't depend on "it will never happen to me."

It will be a long day though. After the education day we are having our regular union meeting. I suspect we will be "adjourend" long before 4:30 pm which is the time the outline said. However, my ride doesn't arrive until 5 pm so it will be a long day for me. I'm going to take a book with me...or maybe my cross stitch. Now that I have glasses I might be able to actually see what I'm doing!

I also have to remember to call the vets and make an appointment to take Chynna in on Monday for another T4 test and to pick her up some Potassium Supplement.
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I off to the dentist in about 40 minutes but not before a good brushing and flossing!!

Its cold and windy today-I snowblowed the yard then shoveled as I didn't want ice to form but the temps went up instead of down for a few hours so all what I shoveled would have melted-grr.......

My sister called me last night on her new phone-an iphone that here office is paying for!

Might do a bit of shopping after the dentist appt-still debating to do so and pick up a pizza for dinner tonite.

The cats are in their morning routine already.

Have a good day
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Good morning folks.

Brrrrrr it's cold again, and I have a deep down chill. Yuck.

I'm a lil crusty this morning, didn't sleep too well last night.

I'm starting to read a new author, hopefully he's good since I've run outta ones I enjoy.

Have a great Thursday folks.
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Morning All!!!
Very cold and windy here today.

Not much planned need to shovel my stairs and deck off after lunch but that is about it.

Haveing some allergy issue's right now so have to figure out what's causing those as well....I really have no clue I can't think of anything that I have done differently over the last couple of days.

The cats just had some treats and are preparing for their mid-morning nap, Lazy little brats that they are.

Everyone have a great day
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Good afternoon.

I have been at work, all morning and it was so busy. (I work in a dentist, as a nurse), but today i was on the desk. I had patients and phone calls coming out of my ears. But is was fun, at least i wasn't bored, but i do prefare it in surgery.

I then went to the stables as Scout (the pony), was seeing the farrier and had to have his feet trimmed.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the day.
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I have to work soon 1:30-9:30 today. I really do not want to go since I have had 3 days off.

It's cold and snowy today. I wish the snow would just go away. I want summer.
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