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Thinking of showing my sphyx girls in April

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Ok, here's the scoop I want to show my two sphynx girls at an upcoming show in Alberta. I want to know what, if anything, will benefit them as kittens through TICA. I understand they will be shown as SH kittens, but other than that, I don't know if they can win something that is added to their pedigree. If they do well as kittens, I will definitely continue to show them as adults. I am planning on breeding them and am going to the show not only to show them, but to get the judges' opinion of them and hopefully talk with other sphynx breeders about their appearance according to the standard. I will also be looking to seek out a male for my girls for the future.

I know that most breeders show their cats prior to breeding them, and I am no different. I don't have a mentor as of yet, but depending on how the show goes, I might meet someone willing help me out along the way.

So if anyone can give me any insight on this, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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I plan on showing my Cleo in April also.
Her breeder is a Tica Judge.
I hope your cats do well.
I wrote Cfa and Tica for a mentor but never got a answer.
I was told do not be surprised if Cleo does not do well.
I will be getting a show cat this year.
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Originally Posted by skewch View Post
I don't know if they can win something that is added to their pedigree.
Over here kitten points don't count for anything, once they are adults they can earn points and get titled.
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Kittens are fun to show. You only have a 4 month "window" - they can be shown from age 4 months to 8 months. Once they turn 8 months old, they go in the adult championship or adult alter classes.

I consider kitten shows as more of a practice to see what the judges think, to introduce them to the ring and learn to be handled, etc. If they win, so much the better.

Unless you get a regional or national win (depends on the association as far as points/finals), you don't really have anything to put on the "pedigree". Its the titles of champion or grand champion that go on the pedigree when they earn it as adults.

I'd show them in a few shows if possible and see what happens.

Jack will have a total of 6 kitten shows before he turns adult (2 in CFA, 4 in ACFA). The ACFA ones will qualify (if he does well) for regional awards this season and next season.
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Thanks GK, what you said is what I thought. I think we will still show them as kittens just for experience and feedback from the judges. Just told hubby about what you said and he conferred that yes, it'll be more for the experience.

Their colors are showing alot more now that they have grown. Molly is quite tortie now and I think she is gorgeous. Maddie is more mottled in her blue color, so we'll see how that shapes up. They both have quite differnt faces though, so we'll see how that works in the ring.
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In CFA, if you want a Regional/National win with a kitten, you'd have to show them almost every weekend in a month to get those high point counts.........and the kitten has to be pretty consistent in the rings too. You'd never do it with only 1-2 finals in a show!
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Well, hubby and I decided we're going to the April cat show as spectators only. The reason for that is, the girls may not enjoy being in the cage for 8 hours, my daughter won't like it (LOL) and we know nothing about the process other than what TICA has on their site. We're going to check it all out, talk with other breeders of Sphynx and then show them at the next available show.

They really are starting to show their charm. They are with us constantly when we're doing something like entertaining guests or working on a project. Molly loves to get on our friends shoulders, it's so funny! Good thing they have cats at home too Molly is the suckiest and Maddie is the outgoing holy terror We love them to death! Oreo, our devon kitten, has really taken to Maddie too--giving her nice baths and snuggling with her....I love it!
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IMO its better to show as kittens just to get used to being caged/handled, etc. rather then wait as adults. Its all about practice and show handling for the most part.
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Gosh, I really want to show them, but I am such a newb that I''m sure i'll look like a complete idiot. There's still 3 weeks or so until the entry deadline so I will talk to hubby again, and we my reconsider.
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I feel the same way as you.
I still have no one near me helping.
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That's just it, the shows are in the next province over...5 hr drive and 7 hr drive to the main cities...I do hope to meet some breeders, but I can't see myself asking if they'd mentor me...they have lives too, and I don't' want to burden anyone.
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I am so glad you are jumping in and trying it out.
Now is as good of a time as any, and you just never know, they will probably love it and make mama proud
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If you don't ask, you will never learn anything. Most breeders/exhibitors are very willing to help you out and give you pointers!
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