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how do I get my cat to stop peeing?

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I have two cats Phebe(3years old) and onyx (2years old). Phebe is my angel and she has been peeing in my laundry baskets, on my fiances leather jacket(once) and behind our front door. She lived at my parents house for a little bit and they had a older cat bully who peed all over the house and was doing it for years then she picked up the trend. I had onyx at my apartment with me and my fiance. When we moved into a new house I brought them both in at the same time I kept both of their litter boxes that had their smell. They had both been fighting a lot (almost daily) Phebe hisses at onyx and onyx chases her. They are both female and fixed. I don't understand why Phebe is peeing. I have taken her to the vet and had her checked for everything. He put her on medication but she would sit and stare out into space and drool. That's no way for a cat to live. I don't want to get rid of her she is so affectionate and loving to me but no one else in my household. We also have my fiance's two children ages 13 and 5 come over every other weekend. The both hide and hiss at the kids when the come over. But my main problem is Phebe peeing. I came across this website called catfaries.com and the sell this stuff to stop peeing and fighting. But you put it in their water, I am not sure about this and I don't want to poison my cats. Has any one heard of this company and is it safe? I want to have a happy household. Please help! I love my kitties and I want them both to be happy and my family too!
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what's the stuff you saw? if it's rescue remedy, it's safe for cats. but unless we know what item you're referring to, we can't tell you if it's ok.
you can try the rescue remedy, & you also might want to get some feliway diffusers. both are usually available in pet stores as well as online.
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Even though you brought the cats at the same time when you moved to a new home, it does not mean that they will act like good friends after a separation. Onyx was with you while Phebe was away. Unlike Onyx, Phebe was probably traumatized by the cat bully, the new scents at your parents, and being separated from you. Aside from the products mentioned by laureen227, you can treat Phebe like a new cat. Reintroduce her to Onyx, give her a safe place (like a room or a box/carrier) she can spend time alone.
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