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I sent an email to nutro to ask about the calorie content of the varieties of food I have for the cats' new diet. They sent a very helpful response.

Dear {sammie},

Thank you for contacting Nutro Products. We appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us. Natural Choice Weight Management contains 71.37 calories per 3oz pouch. MAX Cat Lite Chicken & Oceanfish contains 146 calories, Chicken & Lamb contains 144 calories and Turkey & Chicken contains 143 calories per 5.5oz can. Gourmet Classics California Chicken Supreme contains 85 calories, Lamb & Turkey Cutlets contains 88 calories, Seafood & Tomato Bisque contains 83 calories, Salmon & Whitefish Entree contains 89 calories, Hunter's Stew with Duck contains 85 calories, Hunter's Stew with Venison contains 84 calories, Turkey & Chicken Liver Saute' contains 84 calories, Veal Pate' contains 99 calories and Beef & Egg Skillet contains 87 calories per 3oz. can. If we could be of further assistance, please contact us at (800)833-5330 or visit us on the web at We look forward to meeting all your pet food needs.

Warm Regards,

Tammy Allen
Consumer Resources Representative
The product with higher calorie count is actually their diet Max Lite food, which is for the 5.5 oz tin, the rest are for their smaller 3 oz. portions.