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sounds great to me, you have to take into consideration that recordings like this obviously dont do it justice, but you can imagine how it would have sounded live, my only critism is that SRV just has to be played on a strat! but i do have a big epeiphone like that in white for bb king type stuff.


its interesting you saying that we have good taste in music in the uk, as they do say its the hardest place to get into for a foreign band, and its still hard even if this is your home country, whereas they do seem to say that th eusa is much easier to get into? i think the whole dance/electro/trance/garage thing over here is quite big, but i dont know how long it will last here, we are very faddy on that kind of stuff, garage was huge for maybe 18 months then now has gone underground, and the same with trance, although thats pretty mush died the death. proper guitar based music, live bands and stuff are growing in popularity here, the next beatles is only a short way off im sure????
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Music is always kinda touchy for me, my dad is a professional guitarist and my playing and singing always gets criticized and I get furstrated and hurt ... I played piano and clarinet, clarinet in my high school band and as far as piano i have been taking lessons since 6 years old because my parents made me. I do love music though. I love all genres, genre is not my criteria of how good certain music is. My favorite band is queen, I love Freddie Mercury's voice.
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Gibsons have a nice sound to them.

The only guitar I have right now is an Ibanez. There is a small "mom-and-pop" music store where I take my lessons that exclusively sells Schecter. I'm leaning towards getting one of those next.

Freddie Mercury has to be one of the greatest showmen in rock history.
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The Schecter C-1 is one of the great bargains in guitars.
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