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Post-Nutering Care

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So I'm sure the vet will go over everything with me after, but nothing like experience from others!

My little boy is being neutered tommrrow, what can I do to make him more comftorable? Should I get anything for him? Should I keep an eye out for any behaviors? Is there anything I should avoid getting/doing?
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When I had Maxx neutered last year, the after care was pretty simple. they gave me a pain killer for him and an antibiotic. No eCollar or anything. They said not to feed him until the next day or just feed a few kibbles of dry food and offer lots of fresh water. Give him a nice warm bed in a quite corner with a litter box near by. Maxxy recovered fairly quickly. I think it was just a few days if I remember right. Good luck tomorrow! I just had my new girl spayed yesterday. Poor thing seems to be a bit worse off them Maxx was with his neuter.
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Someone told me that sometimes vets will try to give cats a special vet diet after neutering and that it's not normally necessary/good, for their unary tract or something, is this true?
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I've never heard of it. But there may be others that have.
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Jake had to use a paper litter like yesterday's new litter when he was neutered. How old is your kitty? Is it pediatric or adult neuter?
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One thing you might be ready for, if you bring him home immediately after the operation, is that if he gets up while he's still affected by the anesthesia, he may not be able to walk very well. If so, put him in a cage or a box with high sides. I've seen them build up quite a head of steam and then hit the wall!

Also, some cats "wail" coming out of anesthesia. It can be a pretty spooky sound.
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