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RIP Magic

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Last week I got an email from my neighbor. She breeds cats and gave me my 2 wirehairs. She said "Magic" the father of my kittens and my very favorite cat in her whole cattery, was very ill in Sweden (he was on loan) and was going to be put down. I was so shocked, as he always was so beautiful as well as such a GREAT CAT.

I asked my neighbor to let me know the cause of death following the necropsy, in case it was something genetic. She found out today---FIP!!!! Ohhhhh noooo, not Magic.

Magic was 8 years old and was a black/white American Wirehair. He was buried in Sweden.

A photo from one of my weekends I spent catsitting Magic:

RIP "Daddy Magic." You will be missed.

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Oh no that is so sad!

RIP Magic!
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So sorry about Magic.
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That is sad to hear.

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That is sad to hear. Rest in Peace Magic.
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Condolences to all who loved "Daddy Magic". He was such a classy looking "Tuxie"! Play happily over RB, Magic
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Poor Daddy Magic ... I am so sorry for his loss.
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Awwwwwww I am so sorry! R.I.P Magic!
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bye-bye magic.
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Rest In Peace sweetie
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Oh the poor boy, i'm so sorry

RIP Magic

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Oh I'm sorry about Magic. He looks like a very funny kitty

RIP Magic, your genes live strong in the offspring you have sired
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