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Thursday's DT

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Thought I'd start one, just this once

Ugh, I'm up WAY too early. Salmon season closes today, so Mike's out fishing, which means he gets up at 3AM. I couldn't sleep last night, and was wide awake after he left. Figured I'd get up, get some coffee, and work on making a shopping list. Unfortunately he didn't leave me much coffee, about 1/2 cup, and turned the pot off to boot Ah, well, such is life.

I got most of the recipes from last month's Taste of Home's Quick Cooking typed into Mastercook, now I have all the back issues to do! Theres some neat recipes in there I'm dying to try out.

Well, off to finish my shopping list!
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I never have time to post in the DT, but I'm taking a minute today.
Its beautiful here today, so I'm going outside to play ( with the kids of course)

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday!!!!!!!!
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I am staying home doing pretty much relaxing mostly..I may clean up a little, but I didn't sleep well last night, so I may have a nap if the kids will let me....the 2 older ones are in school but my 2 younger ones ages 3, and 5 are here with me....I could get Elizabeth to take a nap with me..
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I woke up last night and heard hoots hacking, then i felt something wet run down my shoulder. Thanks Hoots. Im going to pot some out door plants today. I got some catnip plants too.
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I'm going to school today (Sigh) Better go and feed my gang soon ..

Tomorrow is Saturday , Yay and I'm going to another cat show on Sunday

Hope everyone has a good day

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I've been home from work, about 45 minutes and have loaded the dishwasher, read the paper and checked my e-mails. Let's hope I'm this efficient, when I get on the floor, at work.

The DOS system that we're learning, is driving me nuts!!! I keep ending up in places that I don't want to be and don't know how to get out of. Thank goodness, when we go on the floor, we only have to use this system on Fridays and whenever the Windows system is down. We have two weeks, left of training and I'm not sure that I'm going to learn all of this stuff, in that amount of time.
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EWWWW Tamara, that's gross! LOL

I just woke up, it's almost 2pm. I have to work at 4. blah.

ok, my foot's asleep, bye for now!
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Another day of experimenting, and getting my mom's new cat used to his new enviroment!
switching scents, playing with him etc...
I think its getting better. Im hoping in three or four days - we cat let him meet face to face with the King of the house.

Tomorrow Im going back to the city, to my boyfriend... I missed him!
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Hey everyone! I haven't been posting much since I've been so busy with work! I started my new job Monday, and I love it!
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Yeah, schools out for summer!!!!!!! I took my lasy final today and have a whole week to relax before I start my residence. Yeahhhhhh, a week, just imagn!!!e
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