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Constantly Meowing!

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My cat Jet is now 3 years old. Mostly she is a well behaved cat, except this last 8 months or so she has started constantly meowing, in particular at doors or me.

She isn't needing food or fresh water, she has a clean litter tray and we have another cat so she's not lonely. She is not part Siamese or anything like that.

It started when we got some Spider plants and ended up having to lock them in the bathroom away from her because she just totally demolishes them anytime she gets near them. At first I thought she was just meowing to get into the plants but it's not just the bathroom door she meows at, it is literally anytime I am not paying her attention, and like I said constant!

My partner also tells me that she doesn't do it nearly as much when I am not at home. I know it is meant to be a sign of affection and at first I thought it was cute, I do love her dearly and pay her lots of attention but it has become so constant that I now can't get peace to do anything, watch TV, use the computer, or even sleep!

Please help, any advice on what to do, why she behaves like this and why it just started the way it did would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe something medically is bothering her. Maybe a trip to the Vet wouldn't hurt. If shes physically alright, maybe she just needs to calm down, you could try a Feliway Diffuser, it does work. Someone else will be along with more advice. Good luck.
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Boredom most likely. If she loved the plants so much you might want to consider planting and growing some cat grass for her.

Otherwise, enrich the environment. A cat tree, a bird feeder outside a favorite window, and more play time may help.
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She is taken to the vet on a regular basis, she just recently had her 6 month check up (within the last 2 months), we also already have the feliway diffuser, they have a couple of scratch post climbing frames, one of which is about 8 foot high with multi levels (my partner built this for them) and they get loads of play time with both me and my partner.

I have been trying to ignore her cries (except the obvious ones, food etc) to see if this will help but she is just the same. We have also recently put down cat grass which they both love but Jet is still meowing as much as before.

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.
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