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My cat is not acting neutered!

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Ok, I'm new here and I sure hope someone can answer my question!

I have 2 male cats (Tiger and Dusty). They're almost 3 years old. They were both neutered a little over a year ago. I also have a female cat (Shadow) who is almost 1. She is in heat right now (driving me crazy! ). Well, one of my male cats, Tiger, has been ...uhh, let's say "mounting" her for the last 2 days. Now, as I said, he has been fixed. So I guess my question is, is this normal? Do cats still have the urge to do this even after they have been fixed? And whether it's normal or not, should I try to stop them? I have 3 children under 8 and I don't really want this to be my reason for having "the talk" with them!

Does anyone have any suggestions or answers?

thanks everyone!!
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I think some male cats will still "try".

You need to get the female spayed asap.
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I'm planning on getting her spayed as soon as i can schedule it. I just find it weird that he is doing this.
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Its not weird at all....just because they are neutered doesn't mean the drive totally disappears...nothing like a female in heat to bring out the best in a male cat....watch out that he doesn't start to spray as well
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I have two fixed males who do this with one of my (spayed) females. Wellington has always had a thing going with Biscotte, which includes lots of affection and cuddling but also 'mounting', which she tolerates and even seems to enjoy sometimes. But recently Milo has started it as well with her, which she does not like and she fights back or runs away when she can. I think with him it is more dominance, but it has just started being much more often, which I take as a seasonal thing. No other cats are ever involved, so I am not sure why little Biscotte is the only target, or why Bonaparte has no interest at all.
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It's not impossible that a little piece of testicle was left behind in the neutering. It happens; fortunately, it's not very common. This is the problem with males being neutered AFTER sexual maturity. It's not for nothing that most people here advise doing it before 6 months of age.
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