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Daily thread for Sat June 2nd

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Good morning,good afternoon and good evening..

Well, it seems Saturday was not meant to be a good sleeping day. I woke up at 6am with a whopper of a headache. So now I sit here with a warm rice sock and much needed caffine. It is very rainy and gloomy out this morning. Had it not been for my head, I probably could have slept until 9 or 10. These are the days I miss the west coast!! I think today I am going to take it easy and I think I told Rene I would come to help a little sometime today.
Blue..I hope you are enjoying your birthday weekend. I am sure you are having a blast!!
AP..I hope your reunion was something to remember and that you are having a good weekend.
Deb25..Dont over do it with the house this weekend.
Hissy..I hope Ripley is feeling much better today.
Swalker&mrcat..thought of you when I was watching the weather channel this morning. Looks like its going to be a beautiful day.
Kittyfoot...stay out of trouble!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!!!:tounge2:
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It's sure not a beautiful day here! Pouring rain and kinda windy. Oh well, guess it will force me to get some much needed housework done, but I'd sure rather be riding! Or, instead of housework I could and spend some quality time with my

Happy birthday Blue!
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Sunglasses are not required today. Mike is still sleeping along with the myriad of cats that are tumbled all over the bed. Ripley tried to bite me this morning when I dosed her, so that means she is feeling better! She really is a terror! But I love her anyway.

A new cat has shown up... And it is a beauty! I saw it again last night and just prayed that it wasn't sickly- though it doesn't look like it is sick. The renters have moved out in the house down the way, and I will bet that they left behind this gorgeous kitty. It is dark and light grey with white stripes, a white tip on the tail, white paws and a white and grey face. Last night, it didn't run away from me, but I couldn't touch it either.

Renee, I hope you are feeling better. Sandie, headaches are nasty, what is a warm rice sock? Nance, I went and voted for Joey (he is sure beautiful!) Deb25 the interior decorator of your kitchen must of done mine as well- it was all lime green when we moved in! Yay 70's and lime green and avocado as well! LOL

Blue, I hope you got some much-needed shut-eye and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

:icecream: :icecream:

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Rainy here in Upstate NY as well- so unfortunately....the house needs attention. I got up at 5AM, fed everyone and then went back to bed. Something I don't do too often. Warm rice sock!! I thought I was the only one who loves those things! Sure hope that it helps. Ever tried making one out of flannel and sewing sections? That way, you can have a bigger one for your back-longer one for around the neck, etc. God bless whoever invented these things! Hope your headache eases up soon!
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::blubturq: :blubturq:

It's pouring here too! Nice day if you're a Unfortunately I had to get up and go to work (but I'll be :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: all the way to the bank next Thursday!

It's a nice day to stay in bed and in with all my

Happy Birthday Blue!!

Hissy - those babies know where the love is
Be proud of that.

Sandie - I hope your headache is better. Nice day to clean

AP - hope you're okay in Indiana. At least you'll get to schmooze with some of your friends. Can't wait for you to return!!

Tomorrow I'm off to Rene's to clean cages :confused2 :confused2 :confused2 and keep her company.

Stay dry everybody!


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As you can tell it is still raining, so I am in the house today..hence all the time on the site..hehe. Thank you, yes the headache finally went away. I think we took care of the source of the problem. We had a futon matress stored under our matress...bad idea.
Hissy, a rice sock is a regular sock filled with rice, you can put it in the freezer or microwave to ease pain. Same idea as a hot pad or cold pack, just easier.
Debra, no I never thought of making a larger one. Thanks for the idea. I like the smell of the warm rice though. I think it actually helps to ease the pain. Kind of aromatherapy I guess. I also have seen them with corn kernels. It seems as though the rain is all across the east. It is now POURING here. So I guess we are in for an all day treat.
Donna..I am calling you back right now..hehe
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Hi everybody!

Sandie and Hissy; thanks for your words. It's always like a special treat to be remembered by somebody here. Feels like Christmas.

I actually spent most of the day tending to my daughter's needs. Her People to People group had their final meeting this morning before the big trip to Australia in 2 weeks. It was a picnic. Then it was off to the mall. Allie still needed some things for her trip that dad was "unable" to find. The biggest challenge of the day was finding long underwear in Florida in June. I had to go to a ski shop. (It's winter in Australia). Anthony wore a long face all day as he trooped along on all the errands. How quickly he forgets we were doing the same thing for him a year ago to get him ready for Great Britain. My goal is to go on one of these trips myself as a delegation leader in 2 years. Got to finish that masters degree first.

I did manage to hang some pictures up this evening. Got tired of them being on the floor.

One of my friends called out of the blue yesterday. She's in town from New York, and we'll get together sometime tomorrow.

That's all from me. Wish we had some of your rain!!
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I know, this is kind of late to be posting this, since it is an hour away from midnight ! I woke up about 8:00 am, after Fluffy woke me up, peaking thru the other side of the blinds. She pulls them down, while sitting in the window. It was also our first night back on Friday from being in California for 5 days! It was hot, as usual today, here in Arizona. Spent most of day just running around...... washed car, went to Lowe's, and about 30 mintutes or so just finished watching Men of Honor! It was really good!!
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