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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post

I quite honestly thought that Adam was going to win though.
I agree. I think they are both very talented, but honestly Kris has come into his own in the past few weeks and has really impressed me. I love Adam, but every song he sings has to have a screaming part (and his screaming is VERY good) but I do think Kris is more able to sing more types of songs than Adam. But, NOBODY can hit those high notes like Adam can! I was torn, but was pulling for Kris tonight. Believe me, people are probably trying to contact Adam now giving offers for deals so we definitely haven't seen the last of him (I hope!)

And, how COOL was it that he got to sing with KISS!!!!!! DH and I were sitting there going "Holy S*@T, It's KISS!"!!! I do think this was the best finale they ever had...KISS AND Queen?? Wow....not to mention everyone else. I'm basically speechless. Definitely 2 enjoyable hours.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post

I quite honestly thought that Adam was going to win though.
I don't watch this show. But I did catch a commercial for it. Did the guy with the makeup on win? Sorry, don't know his name.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I don't watch this show. But I did catch a commercial for it. Did the guy with the makeup on win? Sorry, don't know his name.
No, it was the "guy next door", the underdog, that won.
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IMO, America chose yet another AI winner who will go no where with commercial success. But we'll see. I do see Adam going further, and maybe not winning actually puts him in a better position as far as his career goes. He won't have the same contractual obligations as the American Idol winner. I don't think Chris Daughtry would have been able to make his album had he won.

I didn't watch many of the shows. All of them that I did watch, Adam blew away just about everyone and Kris was entirely forgettable. I don't know if Kris got the Gokey vote, the Christian vote, or the Sympathy vote (since the judges were all but handing the competition to Adam from the beginning), but I do have to wonder how many of those votes were actually for Kris, and how many would actually buy his album.

As for next year, at least Paula and Simon's contracts are up, and rumors are rampant that Simon is done with AI. Don't blame him, honestly. If he wanted to make the winners into stars, that ship sailed years ago with Carrie being the last bonafide winner who became a star. The other big names, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry were voted out by the public much too early for the amount of talent and success they have had. Heck, even Kelly Pickler and Bucky Covington have made it bigger than most of the winners! Besides, the crowd "boos" and all that rot are just annoying. If Simon's gone, the show is done. Those other three judges couldn't carry a show if their lives depended on it.
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I thought Adam should have won too, but i do understand the votes for Kris. One big thing is the amount of support someone can get when they come from a small state, and an even smaller town. the entire state gets behind them. Remember you can vote multiple times. And i think that's why he won. Id' be surprised if anyone really noticed in San Diego, let alone LA and the rest of the state. But you can bet every single person in Arkansas knows Kris.

I also don't believe for a second that Simon will leave. after 9 seasons they just pulled a world's record 100 million votes and it's the biggest show on TV. he's not going anywhere. the one I wish would leave is that self righteous kara or whatever her name was. i loved how jealous she got about that bubble head bikini chick.

Also of note. two things really helped Kris. His parents were there and EXTREMELY emotional. his dad cried every time they showed him it seemed like. And Adam is gay. it gave the entire bible belt to Kris.
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I don't live in the US but I've been watching the show. I am disappointed that Kris won.
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Well I wish Danny would have made it in the finals but I'm glad Adam didn't win.

I think there are many people who watched the show that were not comfortable with if non traditional appearance. I couldn't never slot him into a certain genre of music which I think is important for creating a buyable album. Plus the screaming he did was always torture to endure. Granted he does have alot of talent.

Kris I don't think he will do as well as David Cook did last year. I guess we will have to wait to see what the album he will put out will sound like. One thing he has going for him is that he can play the piano and guitar which could make him more versatile.
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Well I wish Danny would have made it in the finals but I'm glad Adam didn't win.
Ditto. I rarely watched the show this year; I thought this whole lot was remarkably un-talented. I did take a liking to Danny from the start and was sorry to see him go. I read an article a couple of days ago stating that Danny's fans would probably be voting for the next best thing, in this case, Kris.
I'm just glad Adams didn't win; he always came off (to me, at least) as having a cocky attitude and a sense of entitlement. I wish I'd seen the show last night when the final announcement was made, but I was engrossed in 'Criminal Minds'.
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I guess I'm the only one who likes the "screaming". Carry over from my heavy metal days!

I having nothing against Kris really, he's a decent singer but he is just SO boring. I would never buy the kind of music that will likely be on his album. (Ok, so my metal days never ended ).

However, there is no way that Adam won't have something going on soon and I will buy his music. Thankfully he's not stuck singing Kara's song now!

p.s. I thought Adam with KISS was AWESOME!!!
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wow, what a finale! I almost watched the whole thing! I was very surprised that Kris won over Adam, but I can't say that I'm disappointed. Kris is a very good singer and hopefully his career will be able to continue, i see him as a James Taylor kind of artist

After my initial reaction of "what??!!" my next thought was along the lines of what Heidi said, since Adam is not the winner, he can make whatever kind of album he wants instead of the sticky sweet Idol crap, and you had better believe he will be making an album

I really liked Adam's performance with KISS and I'm not a real heavy metal fan although I will admit that with Queen, I just wanted Kris to shut up, not that he was doing bad, just that Adam is perfect for them, I almost got a little choked up maybe I'm PMSing

That whole bikini girl segment I was laughing hysterically, from Ryan's "I'd ask you what's new" to Kara ripping her dress open
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I like many rock/metal singers with powerful voices, and I don't mind unconventional appearances at all, but I just didn't like Adam. I don't deny he has talent, but something about him irritates me. I won't buy any music that Kris releases, either, but he was definitely my preference for the winner.
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Wow! What a night! Adam was sure he had it in the bag - did you see his face when it was announced? He caught himself quickly and showed himself to be a good sport though. Kris is certainly not going to appeal to heavy metal folks or Kiss type fans but he can sing and is very talented. Adam is also very talented in his own genre(s). I was happy to see Kris win only because Adam was so cocky and sure he was going to win.

Adam will go on and do well and probably will do better than Kris but it was a great show last night.
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I like both guys, but I'm glad Kris won. It was cute to see him dumbfounded when his name was announced.
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