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The Hump Day Thread February 18th!

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Hello All,

I debated coming here or snowblowing the driveway first-guess which won out?

We got about 3" of the heavy wet snow and it look like it stopped for the time being so I will clean out the driveway before the wind picks up later today.

Not much else is on my agenda. Either I will tidy up the basement or start pining together my valance pieces.

Bakker is in the garage sitting on one of my patio chairs and the girls are sleeping on the bed.

Fish and a salad for dinner tonite.
Have a good day.
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We were supposed to get 4 to 6 inches of snow last night. It looks like we might have gotten about 2 or 3. Of course, it's supposed to snow later today too, so we might eventually get it. Yuck...I'm SO over winter!

I'm suppose to be at work for a Co-ordinator meeting at 9 am (in 5 minutes) but I just rolled out of bed a little bit ago to take some more cold medicine. I was just sick 6 weeks ago with bronchitis/asthma. It hasn't gone into my chest yet, but I'm sure it will. To make matters worse, I'm on call all weekend. Guess I'll skip the meeting and go back to bed and see if I can get feeling any better before the goat-rodeo call weekend starts.
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We're warmish (high of ~60 F / 15 C) and rainy this morning, which is pretty typical winter weather for us.

I'm dragging a bit this morning as it's 9 AM and I'm just now getting ready to leave for work. I have a 10 AM meeting, so I can't delay much more. A full day at the office, then an hour and a half or so in the gym after work. One reason (besides general laziness) I have waited so long to leave for work is to check on Tre. He had blood work done yesterday and they had to gas him in order to do it. He was sick all day yesterday as a result. He seems to be back to his normal self this morning though. For some reason, Promise is hissing at him when he comes close to her. I suspect it's just because he smells like the vet's office. After a day or so I think that will go away.

Not much else here. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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Good morning

We only got about an inch or so of snow. I don't expect it to last since its supposed to rain and go up to +4C today.

I didn't sleep long enough last night.... My own fault though. I was up till 2am reading a good book. (I don't know how to put them down before I've finished them).

I will prolly nap soon.

Have a great day folks.
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Humm.. it tried to snow ever so hard last night but nothing stuck. It's still kinda sluching outside, it's melting before it even hits the ground. Oh well.. this just meand my outing is still going as planned. I'm getting kidnaped by one of my classmates were heading to an asian place for food after class today. So I am kinda excited to be going out insted of going right home.
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Morning All!!

Snow here as well today.

Nothing special planned still kind of tired from my bout of the flu so most likely just putter around the house today.

I have a few chores that need to be done so I will get to those after lunch.

The kitties are good today. All napping in varies places around the house.

Everyone have a great day
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