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Need Info on contracts!  

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Could you guys email me copies of your contracts? I am in the process of suing someone that purchased a cat from me and my lawyer seems to think my contract is not legal. She said that once I sell a cat I cannot dictate what is done with it. I have stipulated that if the cat is mistreated I have the right to take the cat without refunding money. That it or it's offspring may not be sold to pet stores or sold to a lab ect.
I would like to show her that this is a stardard practice in the cattery business and that a cat isn't property it is a living being that has the right to be treated as such! A very short bio about your cattery would also be appreciated, such as how long you have been breeding, the type of cat you breed ect.
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Oh yeah!
DragonPassCats@aol.com DUH!
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Try this one, it's not copyrighted

Kitty Contract
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I just sent you a few of mine. Hope it helps.
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An example of ours is on our website, your more than welcome to use what you need..

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Thank you! The support here has been overwhelming! I want to thank everyone who has supported me in this insanity! *wiping tears*
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