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Boarding Grigio

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My former cat was never boarded; I had sitters for her into her advanced old age when they actually lived in the house as well. But my boy Grigio is a very different cat. She hated people and was fine alone so long as her food bowls were full and her litter pan cleaned daily. He, however, loves ALL people, and since I'm retired, he's used to my being with him all day.

When I left him for a week in November, a young woman lived in my house, so he had company at night. And since she worked all day, a neighborhood teen came over every day to play with him.

Nevertheless, when I got home, he seemed stressed by my absence--which is natural, since his "routine" was disrupted. I think he needs more human interaction than is possible when I leave him at home (not to mention the fact that it is difficult to find a 'live in,' and I hate leaving him with just sitter visits.)

There's a local place opened three years and affiliated with an animal hospital (next door) that advertises as a "spa" for pets, and I visited it today (after seeing it on the web and being impressed). I'm hoping that there will actually be less stress for him in being away because his "home" isn't changed--he's just in a different place.

He will have his own small, carpeted room (slightly larger than my bathroom) with a large window, climbers, etc. (and I can bring some of his things from home as well). I've arranged for 4 daily sessions with humans--exercise and play as well as cuddling and loving (he loves to be stroked and handled). No bars--there's a full glass door, so he can see into the corridor as well.

I'm going away for 2 days in March and 5 in April, and I decided that the March visit will be a good test as to whether this is right for him. Also, by coming home right away, I hope the April visit (if I continue) will remind him that he will be home again soon.

The staff members I met were terrific, and they agreed that it will only work if he is comfortable there. I hope this works out because I will feel a lot better when I need to travel knowing that he has a place that he likes to visit and where he is well taken care of.

Would you board in this situation?
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It sounds nice, and you know what your cats will like. Mine would rather stay at home at sure.

BTW i love your dancing cows
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