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How many hours do your cat sleep a day? Seems like a 16-18 hours per day!!!
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Researchers say 15-20 hours per day. Of course, much of that is not what we would truly call "asleep." It's kind of half-dozing, conserving energy.
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my cats dont sleep that much it seems. i suspect they sleep when im at work for 9 hours, and they probably sleep with me at least half the night. theyre always asleep next to me when i wake up. so maybe 14 hours
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They sleep A LOT. Especially very young and senior cats. Much of it is dozing, not really sleep as we know it.
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It depends on age. Older kittens and younger cats seem to sleep less. Breed plays a part in it, too.

I have a couple moggies, one is 6 and 1/2 and the other is around 2 and 1/2. Both of them nap a lot, and usually together. Though the younger one, Tomas is more active. Sho lays around more.

And I have one DMH, that may be at least a ragdoll mix - he's around the same age as Tomas and never seems to stop. He also never seems to really nap, even if laying around he's awake and watching everything. If he's up, he's usually racing through the house after Tomas or a toy, trying to play with some odd object, chewing up paper/cardboard, or bothering whatever human he can. So I think he may only sleep 12 hours, max. It's like having a 7 month old kitten in the house.
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I think the average is around 16 hours a day. My oldest cat Elmo (9) sleeps more then that and my kittens (11 weeks old) sleep a lot less.
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