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Big foot!

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I wanted to share my sisters cats feet. The story is my aunts neighbor had a bunch of barn cats she never fixed, apparently the cats my sister took in are inbred from about 2 lines. If that makes sense. Her cats parents (she adopted two) were brother and sister, and her parents parents were brother and sister as well. Anyway my aunt felt bad, rescued the cats, fixed them (thankfully) and my sister got two kittens of the final litter.

I just wanted to show the paws of the male cat (appropriately named “Dirty†since if they is anything gross or nasty this cat can do…he will do it) the female cat has the same feet. As you can see he has two thumbs. This picture does not do them justice though, both kittens feet are so huge they have a hard time running.

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i am in love. his feet are absolutely adorable. polydactals are great and their feet are sooo cute. My Kricket is polydactal and she will never grow into her feet. Just remember to cut those nails because they can grow into the pads....good luck with all those toes!!!
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Ooooo! Polydactals!!!!! Looooook at all those toeseys!!! Maybe they can't run as fast, but be careful, they can open doors, etc., with those 'thumbs"!!
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Oooh, such cute toes! Now, show the rest of the cat!
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LOL sorry! I actually took these pics from my sisters FaceBook account. I can ask her for better ones, he really is a cutiepie of a kitten. I think this one was taken by mistake LOL poor Dirty.

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Bad pic or not, he is an absolute doll. More! And of his sister, too.
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So cute. they are lucky to be alive and healthy with all that inbreeding!
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This is my family's Midori. She has huge feet too. Like your sister's cat.

Double thumbs. They don't show very well in the pic and she's at my family's place in the States so I can't take some better pics of her right now. She runs kind of funny, and stands with her toes turned out 'cause of them.

I will second what the other poster said about keeping those nails trimmed. Especially if there are any wierd ones, or ones growing in between the toes. The cat may not be able to retract or sharpen them like normal. Although she will tell you those opposable thumbs come in useful to grab stuff! -like your hand.

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awwww all them extra toes so precious!!
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Oh man, what a funny little guy! When I first started thinking about getting a pet, I set my sights on a polydactyl guy, but when I went to the shelter to visit him, he wasn't very interested in me.

It's too bad that they are often considered "special" adoptions, just because of an extra digit.
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