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Willows new tent

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Willow did have a smaller tent but she destroyed that within 30 seconds

We saw these tents reduced to just £1 so we bought the last two for her!

Willow loves sleeping on our bed and in anything that most people would say is too small for her We didn't know if she would use the new tent as it was bigger so we decided to leave it on the bed and when we went up to check on her we found her like this.....

ok so she's kind of leaning on the side but she looks comfortable

I'm just chillin...

There's plenty of grooming space in here mommy...

Hey I can even stand up in here!!

This is where I woke up this morning, this is my friend 'Pooh'

Morning mommy...

I like all my beds mom but you know I will end up back in the same place......
that box that you say is too small...

My fiance thinks that Willow is looking at us in this picture saying ' look, you guys may think that this is too small but I thinks I fit in just right'

I don't know how she does it!!

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Hey! It's a cat thing!
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She is soooo cute

I love the box pics!
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Cute kitty in a box, lol!
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Heh. It's so funny that no matter what you give them, they always choose the box. She's a beautiful girl, and she can sleep wherever she wants!
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That little box must feel comforting
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Thank you all for your comments

Willow really does love her boxes. Whenever we bring one home from shopping, especially the small ones, she is always first there to check it out. We then have to put it on our bed and she will see if she can fit in it lying down
It's funny as you watch her as she will wriggle and wriggle until she fits. Sometimes she can't even move when she's lying down but will then look at us as if to say ' look, I fit, this one's a keeper ' !!
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she is soooooooo beautiful!!!
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What a gorgeous girl, she does look a happy camper in her tent.
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Such a cute and happy Willow!
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