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Why i love you

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I know for sure, at some point there has been a few “Why I love my pets†thread. Well here is another just because I love my boys and girl so much lol. Lets hear all of yours!

Capone: I love you because you light up my life. You were my first baby when I was so alone when I first moved so far away from my family. I love your massive, round, cartoon eyes, and your squishy “big boned†body. I love the way you know your name and come running when I call even if your sleeping, I love the way you wake me up at least once a week at 4 AM with pure love in your eyes kneading me and purring up a storm. I love the way your little paws smell, and way your face lights up when you see an elastic band.

Bugsy: I love how neurotic you are, your OCD provides a lot of entertainment. I love how you can spend hours in my arms, being held like a baby, looking at me lovingly and purring. I love how furry in between your toes are. I love how you sleep with me every night even though I toss and turn you always find a way to get comfortable being as close as you can get to me. I love how even though you have severe OCD you are still so laid back and never got stressed about any other pets I brought home. I love how high maintenance you are and how much you love to be taken care of and loved.

Bonnie: I love that you are just so darned cute. I love your eyes that are outlined in an emerald green, they are so big and “doe likeâ€. I love the way you start instantly purring when I touch you, and how you drool when happy. I love that you love Bruno, creating a mass of really cute pictures the way you two cuddle. I love the attitude you have and how everywhere you walk, even if its two feet away, you walk like you are on a very important mission. I love how laid back you are, you instantly took to my home, with no stress at all.

Bruno (my dog): I love that you love to cuddle, and can cuddle for hours without getting tired of it. I love that you instantly give kisses to everyone making everyone you meet smile and laugh. I love that you are so great with the cats, and other animals. I love that you are always happy, and its hard to find a moment where your awake and your tail is not wagging. I love the way your ears are about 5 times too big for your head, and how they go straight up when you are listening to something, or flop around when you are relaxed and playing. I love that even though you are a huge wimp you make me feel safe when we are home alone. I love that you have no flaws other puppies have and you never get in trouble.
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Levi: I love you because you purr the second I touch you. Your favorite thing in the world is when I give you skritches on your chest. Your roll around on your back like a dog while kneading the air. Levi I love that you picked me to be your momma. Above all Levi I love that the day I met you, you saw my broken heart and wanted nothing more than to help me heal.

Jordan: I love that your are sassy and naughty. I love the way you lay next to my head every night and purr. I love how when you play, or do anything your throw yourself into it whole heartdly. I love that despite your dominant nature you still learned to love your younger siblings. I love how smart you are. I love to know that you trust me so much it shocks the vet every time I say, oh he's easy to pill, or sub-q or whatever I need to do to take care of you. Above all Jordan I love that your zest for life & your fight has kept you alive through several health issues.

Isaac: I love you because you are one of the most sensitive cats I've ever known. You know when I'm upset and you do your best to comfort me. I love that you think I'm your momma and you knead and drool on my arm at least once a day. Above all, I love that even though you are bigger, stronger, and younger than Jordan you still let him believe he is in charge.

Maggie: I love that you are the princess of the house. I love that you let Jordan know when he's playing to rough. I love that your are not the brightest cat ever, but you are smart enough to know how to play on that. I love that when I come home you flop yourself down on the floor and sigh like you've worked so hard all day long. I love that you will just walk up to any of the boys while they sleep and lay down on top of them. I love that you are my drama queen. Above all I love when you really want my attention that your meow sounds like your saying Momma.
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Oh goodness... I don't know that I can really put into words why I love my kitties.

For Bodhi: I can't remember what my life was like without you. You have brought me so much happiness and joy. I love your beautifully soft and fluffy fur, your long white whiskers, and your wonderfully expressive eyes. I also love your belly fluff and your big furry feet. I especially love how you sleep next to me in bed every night and how you would sit and paw at my face when you were lonely and needed petting those first few weeks you were with me. I love that you give me head-butts when I tell you what a good boy you are. I love that you greet me at the door every day when I come home and how you wait to be picked up, cuddled, and kissed on the head. And most of all, I love you because you love me unconditionally. Even when I'm depressed and feeling down, you never stop giving me love. And even though you've only been in my life since October, I can't imagine my life without you in it. I you Bodhisattva.

For Siddha:

Oh my little rascal Siddha... I loved you the moment I first held you outside your cage. I love your beautiful coat pattern, your big round eyes, and your cute little ear tufts. I love that you let me play with your paws. I love that you slept in my arms like a baby the first few nights you were with me and that you still like to crawl up and let me cradle you and kiss you. I love that you stick your wet nose to my nose when I hold you and when I'm sleeping. I love how loudly you purr when I'm petting you or holding you. I love that you sit outside the shower every morning and wait for me to get out and pet you. I love how you try to push everything off the coffee table with your paws. I love that you love me and Bodhi and that you are such a sweet and precious boy to everyone you meet. And most of all, I love that you and I found each other and that we are now a perfectly happy family with you in it. Kisses and hugs to you sweet boy... I you, Siddha.

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I love you Kitty, because without you I would have been so lonely and sad. You are concerned if I even sneeze, and never fail to welcome me home. Even though I didnt pick you out, from the moment we met i knew you were ment to be with me. You have the softest meow (usually) that i love and the biggest, warmest eyes. Perhaps we knew each other in a former life?

I love you Holly. Your picture alone made me drive a whole day away to pick you up, and your love is endless. You make me and my SO so happy watching you play, and snuggling inder the covers with us. I wanted a puppy awhile back, and you kinda satisfy that.

I just very simply love you both, and hope to be with you for many many happy healthy years
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To Schweppie: I love you because when I met you, you had been abandoned by your previous owner and you survived outside, despite being so skinny and starving. I love you because you never begged or felt sorry for yourself but still gave of yourself when you were lacking. I love your big green eyes and your little head. I also love you because you are the only one who comes to my aid if I'm hurt and you are always on the lookout when I'm in the shower or sleeping. I also love you because you're patient, even at the vet's.

To Baby: I love you because you are playful, cuddly, sweet and curious. I love the way your head moves around when you are trying to see all the dimensions of an object. I love your motorboat purr and the nuzzles you give me. I love how you lie on me or wait for me at the door when I come home. I love your fur and your little cute paws. I love that when I walk by you, you just drop to your side for a belly rub. I love that you watch me read these forums and try to get into the computer. I love that you are tiny but can still pin my dog down. I love your heavy breathing when you sleep. I still love you even though I know it was you who let my bird out and ate him. I love that as I type this, you are lying across my tummy, pinning my arms down so I have nowwhere to go and you're fast asleep.

To Kiri (my dog): I love you because you are so friendly, smart and sweet. You have the most amazing big black eyes that make me melt no matter how angry I am. I love your coat, so soft and comforting. I love resting my head on your body. I love your kisses on my calf after you have eaten a meal or if you're just walking by. I love that you love giving kisses to everyone and think everyone has to love you. I love that you allow me to do anything to you in terms of grooming (almost everything) and playing. I love that you are so forgiving when I make mistakes. I love that you can jump at least five feet in the air. I love that you've even made my mother love you. I love your endless energy and adorableness.
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Pandora - You caught your daddy's heart the moment we saw you at the shelter in Montana. Maybe it was because of your whimsical little face but you looked like so much fun we couldn't leave you there When we brought you home, you didn't disappoint! I love how you climb up into strange and unusual hiding places and stare down at your mom and dad and secretly laugh at us when we try to find you. Nothing makes me smile more than hearing you talk back to your dad when you're in "his chair". You are truly a gift! I you Pandora!

Thor - You're my little guy and the reason we came to the shelter in the first place. I was looking for a black cat, and when they showed me you and all your brothers and sisters and your mom, I was in black kitty heaven! It was hard to pick just one, but you came up to me and flopped down on my lap and I guess you made my decision for me! I couldn't resist your big fluffy belly or your big bushy tail. I love how everything about you is BIG. I especially love your faults...the way you walk a little wobbly, your slightly-crossed little eyes and your cute "vampire" teeth. You crack me up every time you get spooked and jump straight up into the air like you've got springs on your feet. You're my furry soulmate. I you Thor!

Calypso - It's been three years since I lost you but it still feels like yesterday. My fondest memories are of the way you'd sleep, all stretched out on your back with your feet straight up in the air and your head cuddled right up against my face. Nobody else could pet your belly but me! You loved to be held and loved lap-time. You were such a peaceful, loving cat and I will always miss you and love you!
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