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It's so good to see you back! You have been missed!
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yes you have- you goofball! Welcome back!
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Gee, Deb and Maryanne, Thanks. I missed you guys, too. It's been a while since I've been able to spend time in here. (As you can see by my low posting numbers)

I was swamped for a while and couldn't seem to make my way back in here. So, all day today I hung out in here reading and posting and not working. LOL! Board therapy.

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That file I was supposed to send you? I lost the whole thing! Taz jumped on my lap, landed his butt on my keyboard and did a math erase in Word! The entire website of CWSI that I have been working so hard on is gone! Back to the beginning I guess- man that bites!
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OH NO! So he made the program quit, too? So you couldn't do a "Revert?"
Wow, that does bite...I am so sorry that happened.
Oh Taz! Taz! Taz!
Maryanne, this might be bad timing but this moment I am reminded of
a graphic I made just for you:

(Cyber slap me!)
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That one is too priceless! Love the single claw poised over the keyboard!
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LOL! What is really strange is the file shows something in it, but there is nothing on my screen. I had Mike's son who is a computer whiz go in through Net Meeting and take control and try to find it, but his words to me after he tried was "Sorry, but you are hosed!" LOL Damn! All that work too- give me a few days to redo it?

That tail reminds me of a question mark- as if the cat is saying "OK file where did you go?" LOL
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LOL! Hey Deb - that little rendering was inspired by Maryanne, for sure. Back when we were drawing cats. BTW! Tell your daughter I thought her drawing was wonderful!! What did she think of the contest?

Hey Maryanne: The tail does look like a question mark! LOL!! Maybe there is information in the file still. Maybe TAZ turned the color to white. I would try doing a "Select All" then "Paste" in a blank e-mail document. If it's white, it will turn black in an e-mail document. Not to worry, I can wait. I'll start getting the graphics ready, at least. >^,,^<

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So glad you are back!
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