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hair balls

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My cat Jorj, used to vomit a lot I do believe due to excess licking and grooming as he gets hairballs. He even bites his toenails by the way !!

Again there are limited suppliers here in S.A. but I did get him a hairball removing food I think It was by Hills Science. This just made him vomit constantly? which was odd.

So I stopped that food, now he never vomits not even a bit?

Is there a natural thing a cat can have to make sure his hairballs are gone??I am a bit worried they are stuck? He is not dry coughing or anything it was just a thought as he seem fine. But then how do they come out???
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Make sure you brush him alot. Souinds like a furry little thing

Can you order products online? if the shipping is not too much, try that. Over here we shop at Petsmart, Petco, pet food express, and i like the online store Pet Guys. Look for a product called Petromalt. Its a jelly like stuff the cats lick up and moves things along.

IMO avoid foods that are problem specific. No diet, hairball, indoor foods unless vet recommended. They are not as good for your pets. Remember, cats come from meat eating carnivores! Excercise and brushing fix most common probs. Im no vet, but thats what Ive learned from TCS
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If you can look for a food with oat or oat bran ... this aids in sending the hairball out the other end"_

I use butter instead of hairball goop for most of the hairball givers here
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