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The Daily Thread-Tuesday February 17th

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Hello All

Its an overcast day as we have our 9th named snow storm coming tonite. Dropping 6 or so inches with lots of wind. But it should be the heavier snow so blowing shouldn't be a big problem. Better check for gas in the snowblower though.

Getting ready for work in a bit as I have to deposit my paycheck before.

Making something with hamburger for dinner tonite-not quite sure what though.

The cats are napping as usual andI see the birds are eating heavily before the snow starts.

Not a very exciting day (so far).

Have a good one.
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yeah a quiet day over here as well. Since its mid-winter break the kids are once again out of school so that means no classes for me!

So I'm spending today catching up on my grad school work, doing laundry and visiting my sister and neice.
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Good morning all

Today is a recovery day for me, as are most days after the weekend. I tend to over do things and pay for it afterwards. Yesterday was a write off, so is today. I'll browse on here for an hour or two, then do some reading.

My daughter has cadets tonight. I usually give her a ride there and she hitches a ride home with someone from class because by the time she needs to be picked up, I have to take my painkillers and can't drive sometimes with them.

I would like to make some yummy banana bread, but that probally won't happen.

We might go to the library tonight We need some more books to read and I think one of my ones that was on hold is now in.

Hope everyone has a great day.
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Am working on a 70 serving middle school banquet that drops at 4:30 pm......hub is home in bed.

Frankly I'd rather be there myself, as all I can do today is think of my YumYum and cry. *sigh*
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Morning all!!!

Sunny and only about -7 so that's not to bad.

Heading off to run a few errands shortly other then that not much planned for the day.

Spent most of the weekend in bed with the flu so just glad to be up and about and feeling better today.

The kitties are good, watching the birds and squirrels right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Good afternoon!

This morning was a wee bit chilly outside - windshield on the car was all frozen. Today's my 22nd birthday, I'm undecided on if I feel old or not yet I think it may have slipped Rob's mind this morning! He saw that a former co-worker left me a birthday message on Facebook, and was like "oh yeah, birthday!" Haha. If he just kept quiet I would have been none the wiser. I was kinda wondering how long it would take him to realize it! I gave him a break though, our wedding anniversary was on 2/5, Valentine's Day was only 3 days ago ... he remembered those two! Lol.

One of my co-workers went out and got me pink and purple balloons, with a kitten balloon in the center She also got a card and had everyone in the department and friends of mine at work sign it. It's got a load of kittens on it and unfolds into 5 panels of kittens! That was really nice. Tomorrow we're going out for my late birthday lunch.

Trying to kill time at work right now - I already weighed up my soil samples and decided to take it easy today. I just need to put them on the hotblocks for 30 minutes and do the data entry and logbooks and I'm finished for the day (except I still need to stay until 3:30pm to get my 8 hours!) After work its home to shower, finish laundry and clean up the rest of the dishes from last night (I was lazy). Then pole practice from 6:30-7:30, pick up Rob, cook dinner, and sleep!
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Happy Birthday Tara. Today i have been at work all day, which was okay, it was quite busy. It was a really nice sunny day, and quite warm, (i think spring is coming ).
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Today is my son's 31st birthday. I'm sure he's complaining about getting "old". It seems as if only yesterday he was just a baby.

I had a nice surprise today: I called the bank to check my account balance, and found out that SSI deposited $1600.00. But unfortunately, I probably will have to hand it all over to my SSI advocates for their fee for handling my case - which I don't mind b/c I agreed to it, but considering the fact that they really didn't do anything to earn it, I'm not too happy about having to pay them. But that's another loooong story....

I didn't do anything exciting today: just some light housework. I called the vet to reschedule Maverick's retest for Friday for his liver enzymes. I sure hope it's gonna be good news! All the other furbies are doing just fine.

I'm gonna log off the 'puter shortly to watch American Idol. I don't know if I'll continue to watch the entire show this year, b/c IMO, so far the show's been a huge disappointment this year.

Gail, I heard that y'all are fixin' to get another blizzard. I hope it's not too bad. We're supposed to get some severe storms, which may contain large, damaging hail.
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Hey peeps

I was in London for the past couple of days...picking up my wedding gown!

Anyhoo, we got home around 3pm, had a nap and am now trying to think of what to have for dinner

Hope you all had a great day!
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