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Yeah...but honestly I don't know how good the quality is!
We don't get many returned to our store, but I've always got my other computers through an actual "computer store" like Gateway or Dell. I do get a discount, it's only 10%, but it is better than nothing. I think right now we've got 2 different ones at my store. One is approx. $500 and the other one is $700. That is for the whole schabang...monitor, tower and printer. That's a pretty good deal. I'd save either 50 or 70 bucks with my discount.

I'm going to check out Gateway and Dell to see what they've got to offer. Anyone ever bought a Dell? I've got a Gateway PC and it's fairly good...sometimes!
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I have the HP from Walmart,and I never had any problems,I love it!
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Thanks Sherral...I'll look into them too! Plus, if it saves me money..I'm all for that!
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I have got a Gateway. Only because we have a gateway store with service department.So I have someplace to bring it back to. I ordered a Dell on line, and It came with out the mouse. I spent 2 hrs on the phone trying to get the mouse, then i said screw it and sent it back with out ever turning it on. It might of been good, but you know, service is everything!
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I agree. I had problems only once with this computer and that was back in March. It took many hours of tech support for them to tell me that they needed to fix it. Plus since there is no longer a service place in Nebraska for Gateways, I had to ship it to them in South Dakota at my expense. I wasn't very happy at the time, but considering that I haven't had many problems with it..it was worth it.
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This is so great to hear, I'm very happy for you!!! I hope everything moves along swiftly and easyily!!! Congrats!!!!
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Great news Shell!!

Good luck with all the changes.
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Shell, I'd been wondering what had happened, but figured if I just kept going through the threads, I'd find out.

YAY!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You must be so excited and nervous all at the same time.... I know you were excited to get going, but I'm glad you'll have the summer to save up, get comfortable with the idea... and 80 miles away isn't that bad. You can make a few trips and check out apartments and stuff without feeling like you're in a rush.

I don't know how it works there, but when I needed to move when I lived in Queens, the best way to go about it WAS NOT the paper. It was to just go to buildings I liked, buzz the superintendent, and find out if anything was available. With a little money, I'd get a call when someone moved out of a building I wanted to live in...

In many smaller towns, a lot of homes were converted to accomodate apartments. Accomodations like that are often posted on bulletin boards at supermarkets and laundromats. Just thoughts for you....

Again, congrats. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!
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Shell, keep us posted of how its going and all!
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