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This is my first post! so hi! it's great to be here.

I have a wonderful rescue cat named Jorj. He is overweight (was like that when I got him!!) but the most loved cat ever. He is so perfect I cannot think of anything but good to say about him. He almost understands I think and will never do the same thing twice if I ask him not to??

He does all sorts of odd things tho' that I would love to understand so if anyone knows it would be great?

when I get home from work, he waits for me and the moment I get home he rolls onto his back (like a dog??) stretches his legs and looks at me. If I "miss" this drama he does a quick replay loll.

When he is cross he slams doors!! Yes, by leaning on them and causing them to bang! He knows this is naughty and when I get up he runs away hahaha.

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hello Mz Kitty! welcome love from me !!
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sounds like a cool cat

mine just meow really loud instead of slamming doors
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