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my girls a champion

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Hi everyone,
I decided this past weekend to show my 2.5 year old girl, Rajjah, who hasn't been shown before as her type has really developed. She got TICA champion this weekend. YAY!!!
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Oh that's fantastic, how did she take to showing? 2.5 years even though she is still young is older than most cats starting out on their showing career, I'm interested to hear how she took to it - I'm guessing she coped OK or she wouldn't have done well

I can appreciate why you did it later rather than as a kitten - my Oriental Shorthair, Sonic, (who has always been perfect to me anyway!) has become far more handsome as he has matured, he'll never be outstanding but his coat and body type have come through as near to perfect as you can get and the points he would gain from that would make up for his less than perfect set of the ears. But I felt that at over 2 years old when he finally became a swan was too late to start showing him.
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Congrats. The oldest I've started a cat was my one rex female - she was about 14 months old and was one of the few females the enjoyed the shows.
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Congratulations! So where's a picture of this brand new champion for us to ah and oo over?
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I forgot my camera at the show. My freind might have taken some.
I just had a feeling she would do okay at the show. I was calm with her, gave her a background the same color as herself so she didn't attract lots of attention and I let her rest between rings. Her breeder was there, we trimmed her nails and combed her out and gave her treats, she was nervous to start but the judges were calm with her and the 2nd day she started to enjoy the attention. I am going to show her again soon so she can get even moer used to it. I went to a show local so at the end of the day she came home and got time to relax. I don't know if being at home contributed.
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I would love to see a picture of your cat.
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Congratulations! I agree, we need pics!
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What are the requirements to become a champion in Tica? I'm showing my 10 month old at her first adult show at the end of this month and hoping to make her a champion she's got 4 rings and only needs a challenge certificate in 3!
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Requirements for TICA champion are 1 final in AB or SP and 500 pts. Rajjah has over 800 points and got her 1 SP final. Its a good feat for a 2.5 year old cat who has never shown.
Here are some pics, they aren't the greatest as she is a black cat and likes to lay on everything black.
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Congrats! sounds like a really good experience
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Thanks Meowers,
Here is another pic I found of her.
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She's gorgeous! What kind of cat is she?
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Rajjah is a Siberian. - I have Gladys and rajjah as my girls and Zenny as my boy.
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She's beautiful.
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She looks a really good size for a female. I cannot take decent photos of Black cats. I rely on their beautiful copper eyes to do the work for me!
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Hi everyone,
Thanks, Rajjah is good size, she is 2.5 years old, has had 2 litters, one of 2 boys and one of 4 boys. She is 11.5 lbs. It is hard to photograph black cats but I have gotten lots of practice lol.
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