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Wow cool tats ladies!!!!!!!!!

I have four:

Outside ankle:

Wrapped around to the inside ankle:

And one on my hand:

And on my lower back:

I want a tattoo of Zoey

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I have a small rose tattoo on my lower right leg about 4 inches above the ankle. I can assure anyone there won't be another. I'm such a Wuss. :chicken:
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The first one (on my hand) hurt SOO bad! I couldnt take it.. I was squeezing my friends hand so hard she was going to cry

The ones on my ankles hurt but not as much, and the last one on my back didnt really hurt.. I think by that point I got used to it
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Wow I am surprised to see so many tatoo's. I feel better about mine now. I had three before I joined the navy.
1. wraped around my ankle tribal in design
2. One very large tribal design on my lower back
3. One tribal design with barbed wire around my upper arm.
Then after joining the navy
4. One large anchor above my ankle
5. One large tribal design across my upper back
I have more ink onmy body then most term papers. But luckily I can cover them with clothes and most people do not see me as having any.
Denise Russell
www.geocities.com/ceehorne76/cats check out my site I just worked on it.
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I dont have one, I dont know many 14 year olds that do
But when I am "old enouugh to get one" * meaning out of the house *
I will be getting either :

A Heart Tattoo on my Hip Bone, OR On my lower back.


The Initials Pc+Ps+Cp In a heart on my hip bone or on my ankle.

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I kinda want a small heart in the front just under my panty line
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So my boyfriend can kiss it
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Just got another one today

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Well....I don´t have any...but my girls each have one.
They are inside their right ear, in Pollýanna´s ear it sais "1G234" and in Feykirófa´s ear it sais "03G28"!!!
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I've always thought the tribal tattoos were cool (before they became cool and stylized). I like the idea of a cat's paw print.

I'm scared of tatoos, though, I've heard such horror stories.

Now, hennaing, I'm very interested in. I had my right hand done at a Six Flags park last year and loved it. Everyone questioned me about it and thought it was cool. I'd love to have it done on a regular basis.
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Originally posted by Tybalt
That's a tummy that would make Aphrodite proud.
LOL Thanky
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I don't have a tatoo but I've always thought of getting one. I'm scared it will hurt and also that I'd get tired of it after awhile!

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I have 4 tats. the first a heart with ribbons, with 2 of my kids names. The second is a panther head with the words RANDY'S P*** on the upper left breast. The third a large purple rose with 2 of my kids name on the right shoulder blade. The fourth is a very, very large panther in the middle of my stomach. The first hurt a little, it was done free handed, the second didn't hurt at all, the third right on the bone hurt at the time but not afterward, the forth hurt a whole lot and bled heavly, so much so that I never went back to have the rocky cliffs put around it (the tatooist said it hurt because it was done over streach marks) On the norm I can handle pain pretty well, concidering I do my own Body Piercings and have had to have 8 surgerys. But who knows maybe one day I will get the nerve to go back and finish my Panther. Yes photos do make good tatoos on my husbands right upper arm is has a tatoo of me from my head to my waist (I just wish I still looked like that) lol
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I have 2, One of a cross with a heart in the middle of it w/ a vine wrapped around it on my hip & the chinese symbol for the word dizzy on my lower back. (my family always teases me and tells me how dizzy or ditzy I am so I thought it would be appropriate
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The last time, that I visited the kids, I suggested tattoos for the twins, (jokingly of course) so that I can tell them apart. Mark gave me a funny look (isn't he used to me, by now?) but Sam said that the removeable ones might be a good idea.
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That has got to be one of the prettiest tattoos i've seen on some one's back!!!

I don't have any, but my fiancee has a pair of giant wings across his shoulder blades (he's a pilot) that's really nice too...
But you'r is soooo nice!!!!
I like!!!
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I have a tattoo of frogs around my left ankle - it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life!! Everyone told me it would hurt on my ankle - but that was the only place I wanted it...

never ever again I tell you
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Now you need a navel ring. You have the perfect little lip above your navel for one. If you were closer, I could do it for you!
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LOL noooooooooooooooooooo
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I ahve two. These photos were both taken straight after, they both look a lot better now!
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That's cool Alcmene

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Thanks, here's the other one! The staining on my bra is from the tattoo ink!
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Alcmene.. your tatts are cool Does the first one have a meaning?
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This is one of Darrell's tatoos. It's on his left upper arm.

These are the tatoos on his right upper arm. A Celtic band and an Italian flag.
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Originally posted by annabelle33
Alcmene.. your tatts are cool Does the first one have a meaning?
Sure, they both have meanings. The chinese symbol is the word "Tiger" which is my Chinese birth year. The wheel with the curves on it is the symbol for fulfillment, I just adapted it slightly and added the colors.
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I think tatoos look ghetto
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Italian Flag

I think you're ghetto
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